Vengeance in Defeat

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Lorequest4 Icon.png
SecondaryQuest1 Icon.png's you! It's really you! You actually came─
I mean, uh... Never mind...
Ahem! You're here to hunt Andreia with me, yes? Of course you are! Why else would you be here? And wouldn't you know it, one of my hirelings should be returning with new information any moment now...
Greetings, milord. I am pleased to report that Andreia was recently sighted in Amh Araeng─in the vicinity of Samiel's Backbone, it would seem.
Apparently, there was a right vicious spider what was giving folks trouble, and now that it's been turned, it's about a dozen times worse. They'd be grateful for any assistance.
I see, I see! Well done, my friend. Your payment, as promised.
Why bother going out and about pestering the smallfolk for news when you can employ others to do it for you? The better to devote our precious time to rather more important matters, I say!
And owing to my winning strategy, we may now depart for Amh Araeng and the delightfully named Samiel's Backbone─for in pursuing the spider, we may yet find its maker!
This is certainly the place. I gather those bones once belonged to dear Samiel...but I see no troublesome arachnid.
It being a rather large desert, I had considered hiring a few trackers to hasten our search, but I have yet to spy a place where such individuals might congregate. Pity...
Bah! Nothing for it but to roll up our proverbial sleeves and do the dirty work ourselves! We shall split up and search the sands for this sin eater spider. Whoever finds it first may have the honor of slaying it themselves!
And should we not find it, well...after we both have searched for...a suitable length of time, I say we meet back here. Let the hunt begin!
There she is. The scourge of Norvrandt, the devourer of souls─Balam–Quitz!
We bring this mark down, they'll be singing ballads about us till the end of time─never mind the king's bounty! Hells, we could buy ourselves a couple of castles apiece...
Flanking maneuver, as discussed. Wait for my signal, then we'll strike as one!
Dammit! She's onto us!
Don't panic, we planned for this! We'll act as decoys while Renda-Rae brings her down. Go, go!
Wait, not yet! There's no need to rush this!
Sod it. Always so headstrong...
Bugger me, my head... I can't...
No... No! Come back here! Finish it, you bloody bastard! Finish me!
I'm so sorry. It's all my fault...
I'll not let it end like this. I promise. I'll kill that godsdamned beast if it's the last thing I do...
Hey, hey! What was that just now? I've had headaches before, but the way you were thrashing about wasn't like anything I've ever felt...
By the gods! And I thought we were lucky just to catch a glimpse of Andreia─but you're also telling me you were granted a vision of her past with this power of yours?
Though...hmm. Two warriors killed while hunting a great horned beast─a beast their surviving companion vows to slay in revenge. I have heard this tale before, I know it...
Bah, it is a common enough sort of tale, I suppose. And regardless, she is gone. Come─let us return to the Crystarium and celebrate your accomplishment!
The table is set! And so I bid you raise a glass with me, that together we might toast your spectacular accomplishment!
<grunt> <crunch> <crunch>

<snort> <slurp> <grunt>

There's really nothing quite like a hearty meal after a job well done. Drink up, my friend, drink up! <belch>
Had your fill? I've another few bottles ready and wating to be opened. No? Oh, very well, if you insist...
...It occurs to me, my good man, that I have yet to ask you your name. So quickly did we forge our friendship that I hardly noticed until now!
Forename Surname... Reeq and Forename... Yes, I rather like the sound of that. Reeq and Forename, the daring duo! The brave bounty hunters, the scourge of sin eaters!
Once we have slain Andreia, not a soul in Norvrandt will not know our names. They shall ring out all across the realm!
Ah, but I should dwell overmuch on the victory before the struggle. A wise hunter is prepared and patient. 'Twould be prudent to send double, nay triple the agents afield to seek out promising new leads...
What will you say?
If I didn't know any better, I'd say you're a gillionaire. You sure it's wise to spend your money so freely?
Worried about the budget for our brave endeavor? Well, don't be. I am prepared to fund our activities as needed─no expense shall be spared! None whatsoever!