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Oh dear, oh no, oh my, aaaaaah...

Y-You there! Help! My wife is having a baby! A baby!

I was there, but...but the nurse said I was “making everyone anxious” and threw me out!

I came out here for fresh air... I'm having an awfully hard time breathing for some reason... But I can't just wait! You have to tell them to let me back in! Quickly!
I'm exhausted...
She is an adorable child. And surprisingly quiet, given...ahem.
Wicked white! It's a baby!
Yes, a lovely baby girl. And both she and your wife are quite well, so please... Do calm down.
It's a baby... Our child... <sniff>
Goodness me, you brought the Exarch's guest with you!

Well, since you're already here, would you like to welcome this little one to the world?

This child is one of many precious things that you protected when you fought for the Crystarium. You should be proud.
I would be honored if you were to give our child your blessing.
You're the Exarch's guest!?
Thank you─I'm sure that she understands. And this will make a wonderful story to tell when she's older.
Oh, I'm so happy I can barely breathe... Actually, I really can't breathe. I think I need to step outside for a moment.
She seems quite content.
Thank you for everything. None of us will ever forget this day, I'm sure.
Oh, yes, I'm fine... Just a bit overwhelmed, to be honest. I'm a father.
And to think that you were there to greet my daughter! She'll grow up knowing the tales of your heroism, I promise.