When East Meets West

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Forename! Just the person I was hoping to see. I trust you've been keeping your needlework as sharp as ever?

...But of course you have─you didn't become my foremost protégé by slacking in your studies, now did you? Anyhow, I was just on my way to meet a most promising prospective business partner, and I believe he'd be most interested in making your acquaintance.

The man in question is the young master of Daitenya, a purveyor of traditional fabrics and garments in Kugane, far to the east. Having recently taken over the family business from his father, he is traveling the world to seek out new fashions and trends that he might introduce to his homeland. An admirable goal, would you not agree?

I get to present the guild to our client in the best possible light, he gets to meet one of our finest, and you get a rare firsthand look at Far Eastern needlecraft─I daresay there's something in it for everyone. So, what say you?
That's why I like you, Forename! Why don't you go on ahead and give our man a warm welcome to Ul'dah? As he expressed an interest in seeing our markets, I proposed that we meet at the Ruby Road Exchange.

You will doubtless recognize him by his traditional Eastern garb. Go along, and I shall be with you as soon as I've tied up a few loose ends around the guild.

You're still here, Forename? You were heading for the Ruby Road Exchange to welcome our friend from the Far East, yes? We mustn't keep a potential new partner waiting, after all.
Good evening. I have accompanied the young master to these distant shores, that I might look upon its wonders with my own eyes. Pray treat me with kindness.
Yes, I am Keimei of Daitenya, purveyor of the finest kimono in Kugane. Do I have the honor of speaking to Redolent Rose of the Weavers' Guild?
Good eye, Forename! I see you had no trouble finding our esteemed guests.

Welcome to Ul'dah, Master Keimei. I am Redolent Rose, and the honor is all mine. This is Forename Surname, one of the most talented young weavers I've personally had the pleasure of training.

I trust you've had the chance to take in the sights a bit. Should you have any questions regarding Ul'dahn fashion or custom─any at all─Forename here would be all too happy to answer them. Isn't that so, Forename?
A most generous offer, Master Rose. I must confess that─though my companion and I arrived but a short time ago─we have seen colors and patterns so many and wondrous that we are still feeling a measure overwhelmed by it all. One thing, however, is certain─this land does not lack for, ah, visual stimulation.
It is as the young master says. I was particularly taken with the dress of the dancing girls, and the manner in which it served to bring out the feminine grace of their movements.
...Ahem! I must agree, though they did seem to expose the skin more than we are accustomed to seeing. No doubt this is in large part due to the warmer climes.
In my homeland of Hingashi, we have a saying: “A clouded moon, blossoms in the rain.” To put it in your tongue, one might say “Beauty obscured is all the more beautiful.” In dress, as well, modesty is the highest of virtues. I fear the garments we have seen may be a bit too...bold...for my countrymen.
I see... Yes, when introducing new fashions to a new land, one would be remiss not to consider matters of culture and climate alike. To that end, mayhap the more conservative garb of Ishgard might be a more suitable starting point?
...Ishgard. Though I have never traveled there myself, the tales I have heard say that snow and ice cover the lands in all seasons. I can only imagine that the silks of such a nation would not overexpose the flesh. Without seeing them with my own eyes, of course, this is little but speculation...
Funny you should say that, my friend! There's a ball to be held at the palace not bells from now, and a delegation from the Holy See is scheduled to attend. What better opportunity to see the finest fashions our neighbors to the north have to offer?
A chance to witness Ishgardian attire firsthand right here in Ul'dah? This is most fortunate timing, indeed! If it would not be too much of a burden, my companion and I would like nothing more than to take you up on your most kind offer.
Say no more! It would be Forename's pleasure! He'd also be happy to share with you his wealth of knowledge on Ishgardian aesthetics. Wouldn't you, Forename?
I told you he was the best we had! If you're looking to get the best view of the procession, the Royal Promenade should be just the spot. And I suggest you hurry along─there'll be no shortage of would-be spectators, I imagine.
Thank you both for your kindness. Master Surname, my companion and I will await you at this Royal Promenade.
Did you hear that, Forename? In case the gravity of the moment has been lost on you, we stand on the verge of a potentially historic moment in the guild history!

Should Master Keimei take a liking to us, Ul'dahn fabrics will find a new audience across the Ruby Sea, and in turn, we will be able to bring the exotic fashions of the East to the sultanate─no, to all of Eorzea!

I've not felt this inspired since─why, I can't even remember when! I must return to the guild and put the designs in my head to parchment at once. Now, hurry to our client's side, Forename. I'm counting on you!
Master Surname, was it? Thank you for joining us. It would seem the Ishgardians have yet to make their appearance. I am most eager to see what fineries they favor.
Whatever are you doing here? Lest you forget, our friends from Daitenya are waiting at the Royal Promenade. Now hurry! I'm counting on you to see that these negotiations don't unravel!
Ah, Master Surname. You have come at the perfect time. Are those two gentlemen not part of the Ishgardian delegation?
I say, how can anyone abide this infernal heat!? If they'd had the courtesy to inform me in advance, I would have worn something that breathes a bit more. Why, I've half a mind to go change into something more comfortable...
My lord, if I may be so bold as to remind you, it is for the very purpose of displaying this attire that House Haillenarte deigned to participate in these festivities. Lord Artoirel would not approve if you were to─
Yes, yes. I am not daft, Honoroit. Go against Brother's wishes? The Fury forbid! Now, whatever is keeping my lady? After all, it is for her and her alone that I humored Brother's request.
...Do not say a word.
My lady! As ever, I find myself without the words to properly convey the elegance before mine eyes! Truly, you are a rose among the weeds, your beauty blossoming even in this godsforsaken desert!
...Ahem, but I forget my manners. Might I, Emmanellain de Fortemps, have the honor of escorting you to the ballroom?
Hmph. If only you could show such poise on the battlefield...
Hm? Did you say something, my lady? You seem pensive somehow. Mayhap you are feeling less than confident about your dancing abilities? Worry not! I shall take the lead, and you need but follow!
Do take heart, Lady Laniaitte. I can say with some confidence that dance is mayhap the one discipline in which Lord Emmanellain's actual ability measures up to his words.
And this is supposed to comfort me!? At least on the battlefield I could hold my own against this─ Bah, the ignominy of it all!
So those are the sort of garments favored in Ishgard. Indeed, they exude a reserved, tasteful elegance. This is doubtless a reflection of the long history and traditions of this nation─both similar and different from our own.
Clad in such robes, any man or woman would surely look as if they were born into nobility.
The garment worn by the red-haired girl was most exquisite indeed. Pray tell, whatever might it be called?
A “bustle,” you say? The word is unfamiliar to me... Still, I could scarce take my eyes off it. What I would not give for one of my very own!
Oho! Then I suppose we must move forward with the proposed arrangement. Let us return to the guild at once and settle the details with Master Rose.
Master Surname. Your guidance and company both have been most appreciated. I trust we will be seeing more of each other in the days to come. Till then.
The young master tells me that you are a hero who has traveled this realm far and wide. This is true, yes? I can only imagine the gorgeous robes and gowns your eyes have seen.
The young master also tells me that you are a talented weaver in your own right, who has fashioned no end of wonders. Would that one day I might clad this humble body in one of your creations... But I forget myself. Till we meet again, friend.
I have already spoken with Master Rose. Thanks to your most generous guidance at the Promenade, I am pleased to say the negotiations went most smoothly.
It was an honor making your acquaintance. The young master and I await the day we might repay the favor in Kugane.
I knew I could count on you, Forename! Allow me to announce the momentous news─our guild has entered into an exclusive trade partnership with Daitenya of Kugane!
Master Surname. Thanks in no small part to your most generous guidance at the Promenade, I am pleased to say the negotiations went most smoothly.
Our esteemed guest and his companion were both most taken with your aesthetic sensitivities. Is that not so, Master Keimei?
It is indeed. Master Rose spoke quite passionately about the many wonders you have wrought for your clients. I can scarcely wait to entrust you with a commission of my own.
Though the journey is a long one, it would be our honor to welcome you to Kugane one day. Would it not, young master?
It most certainly would be. And with that, we had best be on our way home. Master Rose, Master Surname─we look forward to a long and fruitful partnership.
Well done, Forename! Yes, I do believe this marks the start of a new era for our guild. Mind you, this means we—and by we, I primarily mean you—must work harder than ever. Your wares will be the face of our guild in a whole new land, after all, and we simply must make a good impression!