When It Rains

«Out of the Wood

Word from On High»

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Ah, I suspected that you might be awake. I could scarce imagine you sleeping through such a commotion.

An entire host of sin eaters appears to be advancing upon the Crystarium. Emergency measures are being taken as we speak.

Rest assured, however, that we are safe so long as we remain under the Crystal Tower's aegis. You may return to your quarters, if you wish.

Yes, I thought you might feel that way. And I cannot say that your assistance would be anything less than welcome.

I must remain here to disseminate information to the other residents, but you are under no such obligation─and thus free to aid any of the townsfolk who may be in distress.

The Exedra tends to become a point of congregation in times of need, crowded with those seeking solace in companionship. You would have my personal gratitude if you would offer succor to those there.

I've only just returned from Amh Araeng, yet I find the Crystarium moments from being beset by sin eaters!?

Where are they coming from? This shouldn't be possible─we restored the darkness!
Well, this is a fortunate coincidence.
Brother! Tell me you have some idea why this is happening.
I may─but for the moment we'll need to postpone such discussions in favor of action.

The Crystal Exarch is preparing to deploy a barrier around the Crystarium as we speak. Ensuring that he is able to do so should be our first concern.

There are a number of instruments placed about the Crystarium that function as anchors for the barrier. I'm on my way to activate them now.
...In which case, three pairs of hands would be better than one? Very well. I'll take the ones to the south.
I shall deal with the northern apparatus, then. Will you handle the western two? They're ensconced on platforms extending from the upper level of the aetheryte plaza.
Distressed Townsman
Sin eaters sighted! They're coming!
Excellent. The barrier is holding.
That's good news for the Crystarium, but what of the rest of Lakeland?
Lyna and the city guard have taken to the field.
Thancred and the others have already joined them. Let us do the same.
If Alphinaud is opting to act first and speak later, I don't doubt the urgency of the situation. Let's go.
We ought to join the vanguard as soon as possible. If the number of eaters we just saw is any indication, we'll be facing a formidable host.
What lovely weather. Just what we needed.
It seems the battle has already begun in earnest. Make haste!

Battle Dialogue

I hear shouting! Come on!
They need our help!
More eaters. Don't let your guard down.
Those eaters...they're moving toward Radisca's Round.
We should follow─but we cannot neglect those in need of aid.
If it's this bad here, I shudder to think what it's like elsewhere...
A timely arrival, Forename. I have my hands full here.
Mine own magicks shall suffice to aid Y'shtola. I bid thee offer succor to the guard.
The eater's aether swells. I would hate to find out what it intends to do next.
Defend me─let none interrupt my incantation.
Draw the lesser eaters within the perimeter!
Master Matoya has a few tricks up her sleeve. Allow me to demonstrate.
A most impressive trick indeed...
As if you've none of your own. Let's make for the Imperative, shall we?
Hesitate not should any eaters cross our path.
Someone hath made short work of these eaters...
Forename! You'll be glad to know that the locals have all taken shelter.
Nevertheless, we can't allow the eaters to gain any ground. With me!
That can't be good...
Hold your ground, even if it cost you your life!
Gods damn it all, we're too late...
I'll follow the eater. You press on to the Imperative.
I'm staying with you!
We've lost too many already. We must hurry.
These eaters are too organized. They cannot merely be acting on instinct.
It is as we feared.
But our task is as it ever was─turn the tide!
The lives of the wounded are in our hands!
Have care. That is no ordinary eater.
More eaters...
They're protecting it, somehow. We shall need to deal with them first.
I feel a swell of aether! Gather around me, quickly!
Perhaps now is the time to put my research to the test.
And yet more still come!
Forename, buy me some time. Alphinaud─I'll need aether.
Right. Everyone, channel your aether into Alisaie!
We fight for those who cannot!
The moment of truth!
I entrust this to you!
I have faith in you.
The power of the stars do I bequeath to thee.
I must keep fighting... I must...
Of all the times...
Mine apologies...
You must carry on...
There are so many...
Lyna, hold on!
They...they turned on me...
This...one...is mine!
Crystarium Medic
We need only hold out a little while longer.
Reinforcements are coming, remember? The captain said so. We're going to be all right...
Run! Run, damn you!
Crystarium Medic
The Warrior of Darkness has returned. The bloody night has returned! So stay with me, eh? You can't go dying now!
Godsdammit! Please let this work, please let this work...
Crystarium Medic
No! N-No, stay back! Stay back!
Help, help! Someone, anyone!
Why did you spare me? Why? What have I done to deserve this mercy!?
Crystarium Officer
Forward! Forward! If you can still hold a sword, follow me! Wounded, to the rear!
Weapons at the ready! Let's make this count!

— Ardbert
It seems we've driven them back─for the time being, at least.

The wounded have been collected and are undergoing treatment now. Once they're ready to be moved, we'll have them carried back to the Crystarium.

The dead as well, of course. Those whose bodies remain, anyway...