Where the Heart Is (Mist)

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Mind looking into something for me, adventurer? It may even be of interest to you, in fact.

I'm told that plots within Mist are to be auctioned off. You, me─hells, even a Twelve-damned wandering minstrel could purchase their own piece of La Noscea!

And upon that plot of land you'd be free to build a house for you and yours. You can't tell me that the thought isn't at least slightly appealing, can you?

'Tis a bit surprising that the thalassocracy had the time and resources to prepare such an area, what with the kobolds and the primals causing all manner of trouble...
But who am I to judge the priorities of politicians, much less pirates, eh? Besides, I'd like nothing more than to own my own home!
I've yet to verify the truth of the tale just yet, though. If you've no objections to taking a detour from your adventures, why not head towards the gate to Mist and see if there's a Maelstrom representative who can confirm or deny these land auctions?
Hm? What is it, adventurer? Ah, yes, the auctions.

By order of the Admiral herself, Mist and all plots within are to be sold exclusively to adventurers, so as to encourage their immigration to Limsa Lominsa.

Why only adventurers, you ask? Practical necessity, really.

Limsa Lominsa is in dire need of fresh blood─capable, courageous adventurers who will fight her foes and protect her interests. Those who build a home here will have that much more incentive to aid us.
As for what manner of place Mist is, I think it best that you journey there and see for yourself.

Please direct any other questions you might have to the recruit stationed just past the entrance.

Close your eyes and imagine it: the rhythmic crashing of the surf, the gentle sea breeze, and the descending sun setting the horizon aflame─all could be yours to enjoy from the comfort of your own cottage.

I assure you, any doubts you may harbor will vanish once you gaze upon Mist with your own eyes.
Greetings, adventurer, and welcome to Mist.

Hm? A Lominsan sent you, you say?

Ah... That's unfortunate. All Lominsans are barred from participating in the auctions, you see, on account of the fact that they're...well, Lominsan. Admiral's decree.

If you find the area to your liking, though, please consider speaking with the resident caretaker. She can guide you through the process of purchasing a plot for yourself.
Sorry, friend. I don't make the rules, and I certainly don't have the power to change them either.
There you are! What news have you brought me?

For the purposes of luring adventurers to Limsa Lominsa? That's unfortunate, but it does explain a great deal.

<sigh> Looks like my dream of owning my own home will have to wait a little longer... But don't you worry about me! My day will come soon enough!