Lost in the Lifestream

Mainquest1 Icon.png Lv. 57   Lost in the Lifestream
Rewardsicon.png Rewards
XP Gil
Expicon.png76,800 Gil Icon.png720
Informationicon.png Description
Alphinaud is eager to petition the Elder Seedseer's aid in rescuing Y'shtola.
Objectivesicon.png Objectives
Issuing NPC: Alphinaud
Old Gridania -Nophica's Altar  (8-10)
Type: Main Scenario
Unlocks: Tataru's SurpriseMainquest1 Icon.png
Quest: Mainquest1 Icon.pngAetherial Trail
Lore & Dialogue
Loremonger:Lost in the Lifestream
NPCs Involved: Silent ConjurerKan-E-SennaTataruY'mhitra
NPC Locations
Alphinaud in Old Gridania (x:8.1, y:10.8)
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Tataru in Old Gridania (x:8.1, y:10.9)
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Kan-E-Senna in Lotus Stand (x:6.2, y:6.1)
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Silent Conjurer in Old Gridania (x:8.1, y:11.2)
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Tataru in Old Gridania (x:8.2, y:11)
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Alphinaud in Old Gridania (x:8.2, y:10.9)
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Y'mhitra in Old Gridania (x:10.9, y:6.3)
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Tataru in New Gridania (x:12, y:13.2)
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Alphinaud in New Gridania (x:12, y:13.2)
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Sidequest4 Icon.png 
Tataru in New Gridania (x:12, y:13.2)
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  • Alphinaud informs you that he has arranged an audience with the Elder Seedseer. Speak with the silent conjurer at Nophica's Altar to be admitted to the Lotus Stand.
  • Kan-E-Senna readily agrees to petition the elementals' aid in searching the Lifestream for Y'shtola. She warns, however, that the beings will need to be presented with aether that is akin to that of your missing comrade if they are to identify her. For a blessing, it would seem that a sister of Y'shtola's has taken up residence in Gridania. Ask Tataru for more information on the woman.
  • According to Tataru, Y'shtola's sister─a <switch:> by the name of Y'mhitra─is often seen in the vicinity of Apkallu Falls. Seek her there.
  • Unsurprisingly, Y'mhitra agrees to cooperate in the search for her sister, and accompanies you to Everschade. A short while later, the Seedseers begin communing with the elementals, and with the ethereal beings' aid, they succeed in plucking Y'shtola from the Lifestream, insensible but alive. Kan-E-Senna duly orders her guards to bear your unconscious friend to the Roost to receive proper ministration. Make your own way there and rejoin Tataru.
  • Tataru cannot contain her joy at Y'shtola's return, and many happy tears are shed. All that remains now is to pray for her swift recovery.


Old Gridania[edit]

Nophica's Altar[edit]

I have already requested an audience with the Elder Seedseer. She will receive us in the Lotus Stand presently. We need but speak with the conjurer yonder to be admitted. The Elder Seedseer is ready to receive us in the Lotus Stand. We need but speak with the conjurer yonder to be admitted.
The Elder Seedseer awaits. Pray follow me.

The Lotus Stand[edit]

Be welcome, my friends, and speak freely. I gather your suit will admit no delay.
It will not, my lady. Pray forgive the abrupt nature of our request, but it is a matter of life and death.
I see... As you say, we must needs act swiftly if we are to free Y'shtola from the ungentle pull of the Lifestream. And as you have surmised, we cannot do this unaided. However... In requesting the elementals' assistance to find Y'shtola, you must needs be aware of one difficulty─a difficulty born of the fundamental difference between man and elemental.
That being...?
In perceiving the world around him, man relies upon senses such as sight and sound. For the sake of convenience, he gives names to such things as are near or dear to him. Being formed of pure aether, however, such concepts are foreign to the elementals. Instead, they perceive by observing the ebb and flow of the energies of life. So profound a division cannot be bridged with simple discourse. The elementals' voices stir not the air, and thus reach not our ears, while our words are but wind to them. Though we seers can commune with them through feelings, naught that we can impart will serve to aid them in identifying Y'shtola. Nay, they must needs be presented with aether which is akin to hers. If you could but find a family member...
Oh, I know just the person! Y'shtola has a sister who came to live in Gridania. She told me about her once.
That is most fortunate indeed! Pray seek this sister out, then, and bring her to Everschade. There, we shall petition the great ones' aid in finding your lost companion.
I was not aware that Y'shtola had a family member here in Gridania. How very convenient. Forgive me... I have grown so accustomed to being laughed at by the fates, I cannot help but mistrust them when they smile on us. We must, of course, seek the woman out at once.
If memory serves, Y'shtola's sister is named Y'mhitra. She's supposed to be a member of the Sons of Saint Coinach.[1]

Apkallu Falls[edit]

Yes? Is there something you require?[2]
Lady Y'mhitra, it is an honor to meet you. My name is Alphinaud Leveilleur, and this is Tataru Taru.
So you are my sister's comrades in the Scions of the Seventh Dawn. When I heard that your people were being pursued, I desperately sought to reach Shtola, but all mine efforts were to no avail. Now I know why. A forbidden spell, of all things! That she should be so reckless... But what's done is done. I thank you for bringing word to me. Needless to say, I should be glad to help. Though we were born of different mothers, our veins course with the same father's blood. I hope that this will be enough for the elementals. Come, let us make for Everschade at once.

Central Shroud[edit]

Sorrel Haven[edit]

The Everschade[edit]

Let us begin. Raya-O, A-Ruhn─if you would. Hearken to me, O great ones. Pray give yourselves to the Lifestream, a drifting soul to find.
Please, Y'shtola... Please come back to us...
There! Now! A room has been readied at the Roost. Pray bear her thither at once. All that remains is to pray, my friends.


New Gridania[edit]

The Carlina Canopy[edit]

<sniff> <sniff> Oh, Y'shtola... Just seeing her face again... It's... <sniff> Oh, I've been so worried...
Let us pray that Y'shtola awakens.
I shall go to be with my sister at the Roost. My conjury skills should be of some use in caring for her.

  1. If the player already knows Y'mhitra due to the Summoner storyline, Tataru will say, "If memory serves, Y'shtola's sister is named Y'mhitra.
    ...Oh, you know her, do you? Well then, that ought to make things easier!"
  2. If the player already knows Y'mhitra due to the Summoner storyline, she will say, "Greetings, Forename. What brings you here today? I see that you have companions."
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