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Zone(s): Mor Dhona - Fogfens - Revenant's Toll (22-6)

If you have any questions regarding our latest ventures and how you may take part, pray do not hesitate to ask.

What is collectables trading?
Certain wealthy individuals value items not for their potential applications, but for an intrinsic quality we have taken to calling “collectability.” Rowena's House of Splendors is glad to receive the custom of such individuals, and we in turn employ talented individuals such as yourself to craft or procure these collectables. Compensation will be commensurate to the collectability of items provided and paid in scrips, which can be exchanged for all manner of fine wares. Please note that scrips will only be awarded in exchange for collectables of item level 56 or higher.
What are collectables?
Quite frankly, almost anything can be considered a collectable, so long as it was crafted or procured with that intent. I must warn you, however, that collectables are only valued by those who collect them. They cannot be sold to most merchants, nor can they be used as materials when crafting.
What are scrips?
In lieu of gil, we compensate our collectables suppliers with scrips, which can be exchanged for all manner of fine wares. These items are supplied exclusively by Rowena's House of Splendors, and we are confident that they will meet with your satisfaction. To confirm the number of scrips in your possession, select Character from the main menu, followed by Currency, then select Other from within the interface.
How do I submit collectables?
If you wish to submit a collectable, pray present it to one of our representatives for appraisal. Please be advised that we may be forced to decline your submission should it not be of sufficient collectability. On the other hand, should your submission's collectability far exceed our requirements, we should be glad to give you greater compensation. Our clients can be rather changeable, so I strongly recommend that you speak with our appraisers regularly to see which items are in demand. Please be advised that the list of currently sought items will be updated each day at 4:00 a.m. (Earth time), and items previously sought may no longer be accepted.
How do I craft collectables?
Crafting collectables is much like crafting anything else. The key difference, miss/sir, is the intent... Using the Collectable Synthesis command will grant you with the Collectable Synthesis status. While under the effect of this status, you will have the option to “finish” an item as a collectable after the final step of successful synthesis. Increasing an item's quality through synthesis will also increase its collectability.
How do I gather collectables?
Gathering collectables is much like gathering anything else. The key difference, miss/sir, is the intent... While under the effect of the Collector's Glove status, you will be given the option to gather items as collectables. Before gathering the item, use the Appraisal actions to increase its rarity, and in turn, its collectability. Although appraisal increases rarity, it also increases an item's wear. If wear increases beyond an item's limit, gathering rate will drop significantly. While fishing under the effect of the Collector's Glove status, fish landed will be gathered as collectables, their size directly affecting collectability.

Starts Quests (3)
Name Lvl XP Gil Type
Beloved of the Builder &000000000000005500000055 33600 490 Sidequest
No Longer a Collectable &000000000000005600000056 36000 558 Sidequest
Go West, Craftsman &000000000000006000000060 550 Sidequest
Involved in Quests (4)

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