Maelstrom in Motion

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 Connecting all lands and peoples in her everlasting embrace, the sea bears to Limsa Lominsa the wisdom and voices of a thousand shores. In today’s edition, The Harbor Herald brings word of the ceremony that set the sails of the Maelstrom snapping to life.

All Hands on Deck!

Limsa Lominsa has been abuzz with activity these past few moons, as the Maelstrom went about recruiting members and making myriad other preparations for its launch. All of this culminated in a ceremony to officially inaugurate the Grand Company’s reformation. Helming the proceedings was none other than Chief Admiral Merlwyb Bloefyswyn, who stirred the hearts and minds of the audience with words of courage and resolve.

For the benefit of those who could not attend, the following is a summary of what transpired that day.

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A Stormy Kind of Launch

The official inauguration for the Maelstrom was held within the Bridge, a fitting venue for an event of such magnitude. While the ceremony was open to the public in theory, the limited space meant that naught more than a score or so chosen via lots could attend. A popular jest circulated that one was more like to discover Mistbeard’s secret cache than win entry into the upper levels of the Mizzenmast that day.

As the scheduled hour drew near, Lominsans from all walks of life began filing into the Bridge, their wide eyes drinking deep of such sights as the administrative heart of the thalassocracy offered. A deep silence fell over the venue as the Chief Admiral ascended the dais. Opening with a comparison of our city-state to the Galadion that founded it, she went on to petition unity among all citizens in this period of turmoil.

As any hot-blooded sailor will attest, a gathering without incident is no gathering at all. By that measure, the ceremony qualifies with flying colors, for not long into the speech a gruff-looking pair of men—by all accounts, pirates—made to disrupt the proceedings. To their dismay, however, this served only to further impassion the Chief Admiral, who soldiered on unflinching, winning more hearts to her cause in the process. Having once led the unruly crew of the League of Lost Bastards, the woman plainly knew something of crowd control.

In this way the ceremony came to a close on a high note, with the Chief Admiral pledging to guide the vessel that is Limsa Lominsa safely through the storm. Her inspirational statements did much to allay anxiety, and this reporter was duly impressed. Yet it remains to be seen how well the crimson standard of the Maelstrom will fare against the might of the Empire. And even as the Garleans advance on Eorzea, disquieting rumors are rife that the Seventh Umbral Era is near at hand.

The collective hopes of the populace now rides upon the Chief Admiral’s helmsmanship, and her decisions and actions in the days to come will be observed with great scrutiny.

Yumah Molkot