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Magitek Avenger A1 (Mount)

Magitek Avenger A1 (Mount) Icon.pngMagitek Avenger A1 (Mount)Flying Mount 
Proving once again there is naught a Garlean engineer can do that a goblin cannot do better, this magitek avenger, nicknamed the “Yeti,” has been repurposed with several layers of self-insulating exoplating, which draw on the ceruleum engine's residual heat to keep the rider warm even in the coldest of climes.
Magitek Avenger A1 (Mount) Patch.png

I'll avenge myself, kupo!
- Pukla Puki

Acquisition: Completion of the Out of Hiding PvP achievement.
Requires: Magitek Avenger A1 Identification Key
Movement: Terrestrial (Flying)
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