Magitek Hexadrone

None Icon.pngMagitek Hexadrone  BossIcon.pngZoneicon.pngMob14 Icon.png
Level Range 67-67
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Zone Level Drops Notes
Yanxia - Doma Castle - Ichi-no-Kuruwa  67 Aggressive.png
Quests (1)
Name Level Starter Type
Hope on the Waves &000000000000007000000070 Yugiri Post-Stormblood Main Scenario Quests
The Magitek Hexadrone uses the following moves and mechanics:

Circle of Death: A Circular AoE centered on the boss.

2-tonze Magitek Missile: A simple stack mechanic, just group together to lessen the damage.

Chain Mine: A Hexadrone Bit will appear on the edge of the arena and erect a damaging red field across the arena, restricting the area you can safely move in. Standing within will cause it to deal damage and knockback.

Magitek Missiles: A pillar mechanic, at least one person needs to stand within to prevent it from damaging the entire party.

Fairly simple for the most part, as it's no mechanics you haven't seen before outside of Chain Mine. The difficult part is making sure at least one person can reach of the pillars for Magitek Missile while Chain Mine is going off, as they are typically used in tandem. You may need to watch the beams to see where Chain Mine will go and find a narrow safe space to stand during, or get ready to run as soon as the mine ends, depending on where the pillars appear.

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