Man-eating Gasame

Megalocrab Icon.pngMan-eating Gasame  Zoneicon.pngMob14 Icon.png
Level Range 60-70
Man-eating Gasame.png
The bulk of these crustaceans can be found along the coasts of La Noscea. Their impenetrable shells, which serve as an iron wall of defense, are about as tall as the average Midlander at their highest point. They also are well-equipped offensively, able to spray forth deadly bubbles made from digestive enzymes. While some Megalocrabs are quick to use these abilities, others can be quite calm. Though not proven, some believe their moods shift with the tides. Green Megalocrabs are the most common, while the red variety wield powerful claws, called "snippers."
Zone Level Drops Notes
The Ruby Sea - Rasen Kaikyo - Hells' Lid (22.3-35.6, 22.2-32.1)
  Questinvolvementicon.pngTonight We Dine in Shells
 60-70 Aggressive.png
Quests (1)
Name Level Starter Type
Tonight We Dine in Shells &000000000000006000000060 Zukin Kojin Quest
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