March of the Mandragoras

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 Lv. 5   March of the Mandragoras
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Rewardsicon.png Rewards
Experience Gil
Expicon.png336 Gil Icon.png~49
Possible Items
Bronze War Axe Icon.png Leather Grimoire Icon.png Hempen Bandana Icon.png Hempen Hat Icon.png Hard Leather Pot Helm Icon.png Hempen Tabard Icon.png Hempen Halfrobe Icon.png Bronze Haubergeon Icon.png Hempen Acton Icon.png Fingerless Leather Gloves Icon.png Leather Ringbands Icon.png Leather Mitts Icon.png Hempen Sarouel Icon.png Hempen Tights Icon.png Hempen Kecks Icon.png Leather Crakows Icon.png Leather Boots Icon.png Leather Leggings Icon.png Bronze Sollerets Icon.png Leather Belt Icon.png Hempen Sash Icon.png Copper Gorget Icon.png Bone Necklace Icon.png Copper Wristlets Icon.png Leather Wristbands Icon.png Braised Pipira Icon.png Marmot Steak Icon.png Chanterelle Saute Icon.png Flatbread Icon.png Potion Icon.png Ether Icon.png
Informationicon.png Description
Forty summers at the Red Rooster Stead, and not once did I see a mandragora...until the Calamity, that is. In a matter of months, the countryside was crawling with the seedkin. At first, we thought them to be harmless. We never saw them feed on other plants, and they never bothered us, no matter how close we got. That is, until we began seeing smaller yields in the fields where the mandragoras roamed. After watching them for a full season, we found that the podlings were using tiny roots on their feet to tap the soil of its nutrients. When we tried to remove the mandragoras ourselves, we learned that they were not as peaceful as we once thought... Now, we seek the aid of adventurers skilled in these sorts of matters to dispose of the nuisances.
Objectivesicon.png Objectives
  • Eliminate target enemies
  • Marching Mandragora: 0/5
  • Report back to Wyrkholsk at the Red Rooster Stead.
Client: Red Rooster Stead Botanist, Arenlona of the Dawn Meadow
Tenacity (Guildleve).png
Issuing NPC: Wyrkholsk
Lower La Noscea - Cedarwood - Red Rooster Stead (31-20)
Classes: Disciples of MagicDisciples of War
Type: Battlecraft
Guildleve: Tenacity (Guildleve)
Duration: 20m
Location: Red Rooster Stead
Mobs Involved: Marching Mandragora
Reward Details
Name Type Level iLevel
Leather Grimoire Icon.png Leather Grimoire Arcanist's Grimoire 5 5
Hempen Halfrobe Icon.png Hempen Halfrobe Body 5 5
Hempen Tabard Icon.png Hempen Tabard Body 5 5
Hempen Acton Icon.png Hempen Acton Body 8 8
Bronze Haubergeon Icon.png Bronze Haubergeon Body 8 8
Copper Wristlets Icon.png Copper Wristlets Bracelets 8 8
Leather Wristbands Icon.png Leather Wristbands Bracelets 8 8
Bronze Sollerets Icon.png Bronze Sollerets Feet 8 8
Leather Crakows Icon.png Leather Crakows Feet 5 5
Leather Boots Icon.png Leather Boots Feet 8 8
Leather Leggings Icon.png Leather Leggings Feet 8 8
Leather Ringbands Icon.png Leather Ringbands Hands 8 8
Fingerless Leather Gloves Icon.png Fingerless Leather Gloves Hands 5 5
Leather Mitts Icon.png Leather Mitts Hands 8 8
Hempen Hat Icon.png Hempen Hat Head 5 5
Hard Leather Pot Helm Icon.png Hard Leather Pot Helm Head 8 8
Hempen Bandana Icon.png Hempen Bandana Head 5 5
Hempen Kecks Icon.png Hempen Kecks Legs 8 8
Hempen Sarouel Icon.png Hempen Sarouel Legs 5 5
Hempen Tights Icon.png Hempen Tights Legs 5 5
Bronze War Axe Icon.png Bronze War Axe Marauder's Arm 5 5
Braised Pipira Icon.png Braised Pipira Meal 7
Chanterelle Saute Icon.png Chanterelle Saute Meal 7
Flatbread Icon.png Flatbread Meal 5
Marmot Steak Icon.png Marmot Steak Meal 5
Potion Icon.png Potion Medicine 10
Ether Icon.png Ether Medicine 15
Copper Gorget Icon.png Copper Gorget Necklace 8 8
Bone Necklace Icon.png Bone Necklace Necklace 8 8
Leather Belt Icon.png Leather Belt Waist 8 8
Hempen Sash Icon.png Hempen Sash Waist 8 8
As with all other Tenacity (Guildleve) leves, when the final target is reduced to low HP, it will run off for reinforcements. In this case, one more Marching Mandragora.
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