Messenger of the Winds/Notes

Messenger of the Winds
Miscellaneous Requirement
Miscellaneous Reward
You're required to fight against FFXV's version of Garuda with a new duty action: Warp Strike. This is a damage dealing gap closer that does extra damage if you use it at the same time as Noctis.

Most of the fight is fairly straightforward: You'll want to fight Garuda facing away from Noctis so he doesn't get hit by Mistral Song, and when she readies Mistral Shriek you'll want to warp strike to the monolith on the opposite side of the arena to be safe. Soon as it goes off, warp strike back to do a link-strike with Noctis.

As the fight goes on, she'll use a few other attacks: A line stack marker (Mini Supercell) and an Abandonment marker (Gale Force) that require stacking with Noctis to minimize damage. Towards the middle of the fight she'll begin charging Mini-Burst, a proximity attack, simply warp to a monolith after each vacuum or just before it goes off to mitigate the damage. Finally, at around 10% she'll use Mistral Gaol, just do the ATE to break free and finish the fight.