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Father of Dragons / Keeper of the Lake / Bane of the XIVth Legion
  Dragon / Male

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The Father of Dragons, Midgardsormr is said to have come to Hydaelyn at the beginning of time. Yet, fundamental questions such as exactly when and whence remain unanswered, throwing the legends into doubt. Regardless, the wyrm appears to have been the guardian of Silvertear Falls, and undeniably rose from the waters with a host of dragons to meet the Garlean invasion in 1562. Midgardsormr engaged the Agrius, and, after a furious bout, fell from the skies, spiraling down with the imperial battleship.
Before the Fall
He was widely thought to have perished in the battle; however, what died was merely the vessel which had carried the wyrm for so long. Without another vessel to house his undying spirit, he created an apparition with which he used to accompany the Warrior of Light on his quest for redemption.

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