Mining: The Caliban Gorge

Miner Icon 1.pngMining: The Caliban Gorge
The Tempest - The Caliban Gorge  (15.8-21.3) (Unspoiled Mineral Deposit)
Mining Node
Possible Bonuses:

  Perception < 1562 ➜ Gathering Fortune 0%

The Tempest Mining Nodes:
Mining: Where the Dry Return
Slot Item   Gathering Information Location Requirements
7 Raw Onyx Icon.png NewRaw Onyx
Miner icon.png
Node Level/Type: 80 Unspoiled (12 AM/PM)
Gathering Level: 80
Perception Bonus: HQ Icon.png ≥ 1250
The Tempest
The Caliban Gorge  (15.8-21.3)