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A race distinguished by their large, feline ears and supple tail. For reasons that are not entirely clear, female Miqo'te vastly outnumber males, a phenomenon unique among Eorzea's races. Adaption to their hunting lifestyle has fashioned them with a keen sense of smell, powerful legs, and a tail which provides them with exceptional balance. [1]

The Miqo'te are descendants of a hunting people that crossed over the frozen seas to Eorzea during the Age of Endless Frost, when famine gripped the land. Cleaving to their old way of life, they have largely accepted their status as one of Eorzea's less populous races. Fiercely territorial and proud of their traditions, it could be said that Miqo'te are unsuited to life in the city-states. Nevertheless, as natural-born hunters given to a nomadic lifestyle, many Miqo'te have achieved great success as adventurers. [1]

The Miqo'te are roughly divided into two clans: the diurnal Seekers of the Sun and the nocturnal Keepers of the Moon. The former hunt under the light of day, while the latter prowl at night, and it is believed this stark difference in habit arose due to unique physical differences between the two. Furthermore, within each clan exist numerous tribes, each with their own unique culture, customs, and hunting methods—it can hardly be said that all Miqo'te of the same clan share a common set of beliefs. [1]

A common trait among all Miqo'te is their fierce pride for their heritage as hunters. Seeing themselves as part of the natural world itself, they prize above all the freedom of the hunt, and do not shun death when old age and infirmity sap them of the physical talents needed to pursue their quarry to their satisfaction. To the free-willed Miqo'te, other races' way of life—their wont to flock together with their own kind, to overrun nature with cities, and to seek safety and stability in laws and alliances—must seem quite curious indeed. [1]

Despite their inherently solitary nature, the Miqo'te adopted the common tongue early on, born of a need to barter with other races to procure materials with which to craft their hunting tools and weapons. Remnants of the old tongue can be observed in the distinctive Miqo'te "huntspeak"—a system of tongue-clicks and whistles used to communicate while in pursuit of quarry. [1]

The agile Miqo'te value freedom of movement above all else, shunning unwieldy armor that might restrict their range of motion. Miqo'te legwear is invariably perforated with a hole through which the tail dangles free, allowing them to maintain their unerring sense of balance. [1]

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