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Miw Miisv (Mount)

Miw Miisv (Mount) Icon.pngMiw Miisv (Mount)Flying Mount 
Born at Elysion from the hopes of the Ea, this peculiar dynamis life-form possesses a semi-transparent body reminiscent of a jellyfish, and can deliver a sting of sorts with the lightning it harbors. There is no greater pleasure for it than to connect with others in the microcosm of its heart. Literally.
Miw Miisv (Mount) Patch.png

Just like jellyfish, they jump, jerk, and jolt to jiggle themselves up.
- Wawalago

Acquisition: Purchased for 18x Omicron Omnitoken from N-0598.
Requires: Miw Miisv Horn
Movement: Airborne (Flying)
Roads Less Traveled
Actions: Electric Flux (Mount Action)
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