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Mountain Pomace

Mountain Pomace Icon.png
Mountain Pomace  Map75 Icon.png
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An all-natural fertilizer used to increase yellow pigment in flowers.
Level 1
Item Level 5
Statistics & Bonuses:
Repairs, Recycle & Style:
Stack Size 999
Sells for Gil Icon.png x 3
Noconverticon.png Nodyeicon.png Nocresticon.png Noprojectableicon.png Nodesynthesizableicon.png Nostorableicon.png Nocollectableicon.png
Acquisition Edit Mountain Pomace's Miscellaneous Acquisition Information Uses Edit Mountain Pomace's Miscellaneous Use Information
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Sold by Merchants
Merchant (Shop) Price
Apartment Merchant (Purchase Gardening Items)

Kobai Goten Apartment Lobby - Kobai Goten Apartment Lobby (6.2-6)

Mountain Pomace

 x 100
Junkmonger (Ingleside Apartment Lobby) (NPC) (Purchase Gardening Items)

 Ingleside Apartment Lobby (6.2-5.9)

Mountain Pomace

 x 100
Material Supplier (Great Wyrm's Gate) (Purchase Items)

Empyreum - Great Wyrm's Gate (-3.8--3.9)

Mountain Pomace

 x 100
Material Supplier (Lavender Beds) (Purchase Items)

Lavender Beds - Lavender Beds (11.9-8.3)

Mountain Pomace

 x 100
Material Supplier (Mist) (Purchase Items)

Mist - Mist (11-11.4)

Mountain Pomace

 x 100
Material Supplier (Shirogane) (Purchase Items)

Shirogane - Shirogane (10.5-12.2)

Mountain Pomace

 x 100
Material Supplier (The Goblet) (Purchase Items)

The Goblet - The Goblet (10.9-8.9)

Mountain Pomace

 x 100
Tanie (Shop)

New Gridania - Adders' Nest (11.1-11.2)

Mountain Pomace

 x 100
Used in Flower Coloring
Black Arums Icon.png Black Arums
Black Brightlilies Icon.png Black Brightlilies
Black Byregotia Icon.png Black Byregotia
Black Campanulas Icon.png Black Campanulas
Black Carnations Icon.png Black Carnations
Black Cherry Blossoms Icon.png Black Cherry Blossoms
Black Cosmos Icon.png Black Cosmos
Black Dahlias Icon.png Black Dahlias
Black Daisies Icon.png Black Daisies
Black Hyacinths Icon.png Black Hyacinths
Black Hydrangeas Icon.png Black Hydrangeas
Black Lilies of the Valley Icon.png Black Lilies of the Valley
Black Moth Orchids Icon.png Black Moth Orchids
Black Oldroses Icon.png Black Oldroses
Black Triteleia Icon.png Black Triteleia
Black Tulips Icon.png Black Tulips
Black Violas Icon.png Black Violas
Green Arums Icon.png Green Arums
Green Brightlilies Icon.png Green Brightlilies
Green Byregotia Icon.png Green Byregotia
Green Campanulas Icon.png Green Campanulas
Green Carnations Icon.png Green Carnations
Green Cherry Blossoms Icon.png Green Cherry Blossoms
Green Cosmos Icon.png Green Cosmos
Green Dahlias Icon.png Green Dahlias
Green Daisies Icon.png Green Daisies
Green Hyacinths Icon.png Green Hyacinths
Green Hydrangeas Icon.png Green Hydrangeas
Green Lilies of the Valley Icon.png Green Lilies of the Valley
Green Moth Orchids Icon.png Green Moth Orchids
Green Oldroses Icon.png Green Oldroses
Green Triteleia Icon.png Green Triteleia
Green Tulips Icon.png Green Tulips
Green Violas Icon.png Green Violas
Orange Arums Icon.png Orange Arums
Orange Brightlilies Icon.png Orange Brightlilies
Orange Byregotia Icon.png Orange Byregotia
Orange Campanulas Icon.png Orange Campanulas
Orange Carnations Icon.png Orange Carnations
Orange Cherry Blossoms Icon.png Orange Cherry Blossoms
Orange Cosmos Icon.png Orange Cosmos
Orange Dahlias Icon.png Orange Dahlias
Orange Daisies Icon.png Orange Daisies
Orange Hyacinths Icon.png Orange Hyacinths
Orange Hydrangeas Icon.png Orange Hydrangeas
Orange Lilies of the Valley Icon.png Orange Lilies of the Valley
Orange Moth Orchids Icon.png Orange Moth Orchids
Orange Oldroses Icon.png Orange Oldroses
Orange Triteleia Icon.png Orange Triteleia
Orange Tulips Icon.png Orange Tulips
Orange Violas Icon.png Orange Violas
Pink Cherry Blossoms Icon.png Pink Cherry Blossoms
Rainbow Arums Icon.png Rainbow Arums
Rainbow Brightlilies Icon.png Rainbow Brightlilies
Rainbow Byregotia Icon.png Rainbow Byregotia
Rainbow Campanulas Icon.png Rainbow Campanulas
Rainbow Carnations Icon.png Rainbow Carnations
Rainbow Cosmos Icon.png Rainbow Cosmos
Rainbow Dahlias Icon.png Rainbow Dahlias
Rainbow Daisies Icon.png Rainbow Daisies
Rainbow Hyacinths Icon.png Rainbow Hyacinths
Rainbow Hydrangeas Icon.png Rainbow Hydrangeas
Rainbow Lilies of the Valley Icon.png Rainbow Lilies of the Valley
Rainbow Moth Orchids Icon.png Rainbow Moth Orchids
Rainbow Oldroses Icon.png Rainbow Oldroses
Rainbow Triteleia Icon.png Rainbow Triteleia
Rainbow Tulips Icon.png Rainbow Tulips
Rainbow Violas Icon.png Rainbow Violas
White Arums Icon.png White Arums
White Brightlilies Icon.png White Brightlilies
White Byregotia Icon.png White Byregotia
White Campanulas Icon.png White Campanulas
White Carnations Icon.png White Carnations
White Cherry Blossoms Icon.png White Cherry Blossoms
White Cosmos Icon.png White Cosmos
White Dahlias Icon.png White Dahlias
White Daisies Icon.png White Daisies
White Hyacinths Icon.png White Hyacinths
White Hydrangeas Icon.png White Hydrangeas
White Lilies of the Valley Icon.png White Lilies of the Valley
White Moth Orchids Icon.png White Moth Orchids
White Oldroses Icon.png White Oldroses
White Triteleia Icon.png White Triteleia
White Tulips Icon.png White Tulips
White Violas Icon.png White Violas
Yellow Arums Icon.png Yellow Arums
Yellow Brightlilies Icon.png Yellow Brightlilies
Yellow Byregotia Icon.png Yellow Byregotia
Yellow Campanulas Icon.png Yellow Campanulas
Yellow Carnations Icon.png Yellow Carnations
Yellow Cherry Blossoms Icon.png Yellow Cherry Blossoms
Yellow Cosmos Icon.png Yellow Cosmos
Yellow Dahlias Icon.png Yellow Dahlias
Yellow Daisies Icon.png Yellow Daisies
Yellow Hyacinths Icon.png Yellow Hyacinths
Yellow Hydrangeas Icon.png Yellow Hydrangeas
Yellow Lilies of the Valley Icon.png Yellow Lilies of the Valley
Yellow Moth Orchids Icon.png Yellow Moth Orchids
Yellow Oldroses Icon.png Yellow Oldroses
Yellow Triteleia Icon.png Yellow Triteleia
Yellow Tulips Icon.png Yellow Tulips
Yellow Violas Icon.png Yellow Violas

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