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Mystic Panda (Mount)

Mystic Panda (Mount) Icon.pngMystic Panda (Mount)Flying Mount 
Armed with the unexplainable ability to levitate...and little else, this thousand-year-old creature (age unconfirmed) has descended the ancient peaks of the Othardian Fanged Crescent in search of a hero to help Doma wrench free from the iron clutches of the Garlean Empire.
Mystic Panda (Mount) Patch.png

Used to be prime huntin' grounds... that is, till the bears moved in.
- Tailfeather Hunter

Acquisition: $24 USD from the Final Fantasy XIV Online Store.
Requires: Mystic Panda Pipe
Movement: Terrestrial (Flying)
The Merry Wanderer Waltz
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