Nael van Darnus

NPC Icon.pngNael van Darnus

Affiliation: Garlemald
Title: Legatus of the VIIth Imperial Legion
The White Raven

"Opposition must needs be put down with fire and steel."

The son of a founding member of the Garlean Empire and a descendant of the ancient Allag, Nael was above all power-hungry and ruthless. When his father, alongside the Garlean Minister of Industry, Midas nan Garlond, began to research an Allagan relic known as the Lunar Transmitter in hopes of resurrecting the mythical Meteor sorcery without the need for magickal talent, Nael was present the first time the machine was successfully activated—the experience would leave him forever changed. For the rest of his life, Nael's actions would be subtly manipulated by an outside force. Believing himself to be the chosen vessel of a god, Nael dedicated his existence to bringing about the Seventh Umbral Era at His behest, leading to the events of the Seventh Umbral Calamity.

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Pre-Calamity Dialogue
Original GM Appearance

Tribunus Luscus: The great Nael van Darnus honors you with his presence. Savor his words and swear yourself to his cause.

Tribunus Atilus: My lord, we must make haste.

Legatus Darnus: Bah! I will not away till my duty be done! Children of the South. This meeting is not mere chance! Fate has brought you here that you might know the truth. The time has come to dispense with petty notions of patriotism. Now is not a day to stand alone. United, you may cast off the darkness which looms over you and save your realm from doom. United, your battle cries will echo all around the world! The peal of steel upon steel a symphony for generations to come.

Tribunus Atilus: Lord Darnus, I beg of thee, let us return to camp. Our heralds will deliver your message to the masses.

Legatus Darnus: Find the false prophet Urianger. Flush the foul rat from his nest and bring him before me. It is the only way your benighted realm will see dawn!

Tribunus Luscus: The great Nael van Darnus honors you with his presence. Savor his words and swear yourself to his cause. Bring us he that would call himself Archon. The false prophet is Eorzea's one true bane. Bring us Urianger and be awarded riches beyond imagination.

  • Between first mention of him in Patch 1.18 and his first appearance as an NPC in Patch 1.19, Nael appeared as a GM-controlled player named Legatus Darnus. Appearing alongside alongside fellow GMs, Tribunus Luscus and Tribunus Atilus, he reached out to players to aid him in the capture of Urianger Augurelt, who he declared a false prophet.
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