Naoki Yoshida (NPC)

NPC Icon.pngNaoki Yoshida (NPC)  Seasonalachievementicon.pngSidequest3 Icon.png
  Hyur / Midlander / Male

Zone(s): Seasonalachievementicon.pngMob14 Icon.pngThe Eighteenth Floor - The Eighteenth Floor (Landmark) - Office of the Producer (21-20)

I know that each of my colleagues was keen to thank you in person. Have you spoken to everyone?

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Involved in Quests (1)

Additional Dialogue
After completing A World Away
We've barely ushered Heavensward out the door, and already we need to decide on a direction for the next expansion. The deadline for that opening movie storyboard is right around the corner... Where should we base this new adventure? Under the sea? Under the ground? On the moon, mayhap...? Even if we do have a fair amount of time until release, we have to plan out announcements, and coming up with a brand new scenario is never an easy task. And then there'll have to be new jobs, of course. Samurai? Or how about red mage? Hmmm... Oh! You'll keep these idle musings to yourself, won't you!?
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