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Ninja Bathin'

Featurequest1 Icon.png Lv. 40   Ninja Bathin'

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
This quest requires you to fight enemies in a level 44 instance with a 30 minute time limit.
Oboro: Upper La Noscea - Bronze Lake - Camp Bronze Lake (x:31, y:22.8)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Camp Bronze Lake

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071341.png40Pirates versus NinjasFeaturequest1 Icon.png Pirates versus Ninjas (Level 40)

Ninja Icon 3.png Ninja (Level 40)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Experience Points

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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Oboro is ready to proceed with the operation.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
071341.png45Tough GuysFeaturequest1 Icon.png Tough Guys (Level 45)

Journal detail hr1 08.png Items Involved
Mulled Wine
Journal detail hr1 07.png NPCs Involved
OboroTsubameWolfstan, [[]], KarasuGekkaiKomori
Journal detail hr1 08.png Objects Involved

  • Oboro is ready to proceed with the operation.
  • Oboro would first take up position high on the rooftops, out of sight. He explains that while a shinobi can cover great distances with Shukuchi, the technique only works effectively on level ground. Tsubame has taken up position at an ideal starting point. Follow her lead to reach the rooftop where Oboro awaits, and keep lookout with your fellow shinobi for Wolfstan's arrival.
  • A man Oboro quickly identifies as Wolfstan has arrived in Camp Bronze Lake. Finding Oboro's proposed method less than convincing, Tsubame proposes an alternative plan for extracting the desired information from your target. Descend from the rooftops and rendezvous in secret with the kunoichi.
  • You meet with Tsubame, who has given new meaning to “hiding in plain sight” with the help of a very revealing disguise. She hands you a bottle of liquor, instructing you to bring it to her once she has succeeded in addling Wolfstan's wits sufficiently.
  • The operation proves a rousing success─Wolfstan is no match for Tsubame's feminine wiles, and you have emerged with information vital to predicting Karasu's movements. Reunite with Oboro and plot your next course of action.
  • Oboro rejoices at the operation's success, while swallowing his pride at being unable to contribute in a more meaningful capacity. With Grymuwil's destination─and in turn, that of Karasu─ascertained, you and your fellow shinobi agree to hasten to Aleport, that you might get the first strike on your enemy.
  • You successfully make your way past Karasu's defenses, but your assassination attempt ends with a familiar result─your ever-evasive prey slipping through your fingers. Tasting his most bitter defeat yet, however, has left Oboro more resolute than ever. Regroup at the dock storehouse and inquire as to your next course of action.
  • Though frustrated at this latest failure, Oboro is convinced that with your growing skills, it will not be long before the three of you can stand against Karasu in earnest. You resolve to take your experiences to heart and train as you have never trained before.
※The next ninja quest will be available from Oboro upon reaching level 45.

I trust that Shukuchi is now second nature to you? Very well. I shall await you on the rooftop, but be warned: while the technique will allow you to cover great distances in the blink of an eye, it does not allow you to soar at will through the sky.
The ledge on which Tsubame now stands is at a level with the roof, and should prove a suitable starting point. That said, a shinobi is ever resourceful─if you would make your way to the rooftop by other means, that will serve just as well.
The roof may seem quite far away, but use your Shukuchi technique from the edge, and you should be able to reach it with ease.
Quite impressive, Forename─only a true shinobi could stand where you now stand. Anyhow, this should prove a suitable vantage point. Let us keep watch until Wolfstan arrives.
Nothin' like a steamin' bath, a bottle o' fine wine, and a couple o' buxom wenches to ease what ails ye, aye? As far as I'm concerned, Cap'n Grymuwil can take 'is bloody time!
Very well. Now, we need only employ these bamboo breathing pipes, descend underwater, and...
O-Oboro. I do not question that such methods have served us well in Doma, but might bamboo not arouse suspicion in these environs?
Do you truly believe so? B-But underwater surveillance was always my area of expertise...
I have an idea that I believe is well suited both to our target and the customs of the land. It will require just a simple change of garb and a bottle or two of fine spirits...
I will require your assistance, Forename. As I see it, there's no way the man would refuse a drink from a strapping gentleman like yourself.
Intriguing! And what, pray tell, will be my role in all of this?
Er, I was thinking that, ah, your talents might best be put to use overseeing the operation. Yes, ah, from up here. To ensure that nothing goes amiss, of course.
I must prepare now, Forename. Meet me down below, out of sight, and I shall furnish you with the item that will serve to deliver the final blow, as it were.
Fear not, Forename! I will be standing watch here, ready to leap to your defense should either you or Tsubame come to harm!
Am I wearing this properly, Forename? I am not accustomed to garb that is so...revealing.

Regardless, I will entrust this to you. Though it may appear to be a simple bottle of wine, I have made a few enhancements to the recipe.

Off duty or no, a salty sea dog like Wolfstan is certain to be on his guard. I'll start him off with an untainted vintage. Once he's in sufficiently good spirits, that's your cue to step in with the stronger stuff.

I suspect that once his mind is sufficiently addled, he will gladly take a swig with a minimum of fuss. Now, let us begin!
Oh, just look, Wolfie, my darling! This strong lad 'as a treat, just for you!
Fine wine and fine wenches! Now this is what I had in mind when I took up the piratin' life!

What's this? <If(PlayerParameter(4))>Come to battle yer friend here for Wolfie's affections? Don't mind if I do!<Else/>Think ye can outguzzle Wolfstan Seven-Stomachs? Yer either a legend or a fool!</If> Har har─someone fetch me cup!

Aye, that'sh the─hic!─good shtuff, if a bit shtronger than I─hic!─recall it. Maybe I should─hic!─take a resht...
Oh, you mustn't be so modest! Why, I 'eard that Wolfstan Seven-Stomachs once drank a whale under the table!
Har har har! Ye bet yer─hic!─shkivvies 'e could, lash! Me bleedin'─hic!─dutiesh 'ave kept me from the bottle for too long. I'm out o' practishe, ish all.
Your duties? Why, that sounds so important and exciting! I'd do anything to hear more!
Did ye shay─hic!─anythin'? Har har har! Well, maybe ye've 'eard o' the Bloody Executioners? The nastiest, bloodiest band o' piratesh whatever─hic!─shailed the bleedin' sheash!?
I reckon our Cap'n Grymuwil's shunk more Garlean vesshels than every other pirate─hic!─combined. And just who do ye reckon keeps the cap'n shafe from all the enemies 'e's made? Why that'd be none other'n hish dear mate─hic!─Wolfshtan.
The Navigator have mercy! Should you not return immediately to your captain? Surely, he is not safe without his most loyal, capable man at his side!
Under normal circumshtanches, ye'd be─hic!─right, lass. But there's one plashe even I can't follow 'im─Aleport! Aye, the man is bloody particular about 'is─hic!─grog. Shays he can't─hic!─conshentrate unlesh 'e'sh on 'ish own...

Not that I'm─hic!─complainin'. It'sh the only time we get a day'sh resht. But don't worry yer little 'eart none, lasshie. Nobody knowsh the cap'n's whereaboutsh but─hic!─me, and I sure as bloody 'ellsh ain't talkin'! Har har!

...Lasshie? Are ye lishtenin'?

That'sh─hic!─curioush. She wash jusht─hic!─there a moment─hic! Hic! Hic! Urrrkkk...
Which way did she─hic! Urrrrrrk...
Well, I must say that went even better than I expected. Let us share our findings with Oboro. My costume? I have stowed it away...forever, with any luck! Do Eorzean women have no sense of shame?
Well? Were you able to loosen our man's lips?

...I see. Captain Grymuwil is en route to Aleport─and alone, at that.

If I know Karasu, this knowledge has not escaped him. Doubtless he and his shadows already lie in wait.

We haven't much time. Let us hurry to Aleport and ambush the ambushers!
Karasu and his shadows are lurking here somewhere... I can sense it.

The sun sets, and the port is cloaked in shadow. If there were a perfect time to strike...

...Speak of the devil. Look at how those men walk─those are no ordinary deckhands.

Those are imperial shinobi, waiting to pounce upon and slit the throat of any who would stand between them and their prey.
Karasu is too proud to entrust such a vital mission to his lackeys. He is here somewhere─of this I am certain.
Forename, you move forward and search the docks. I will approach from the opposite direction. Tsubame, you secure the escape route─he will not elude us this time.
Take care to stay well hidden, Forename─hidden from the eyes of Karasu's shadows. And yet, I fear your task will be more complicated still...
For it is not just men that serve Karasu, but creatures of the night. Creatures that see not with their eyes, but with every fiber of their being. Give them a wide berth, or all shall be for naught.
That should be all. Time is short. We must move swiftly!
Wh-What's this!? No, no, NO! This isn't how the story goes! I'm supposed to be the one that surprises you!
The tables have turned today, Karasu! Now face your death like the man you once were!
I must say, popularity really does have its downsides. Fine! If you're so eager to dig your own graves, here's your bloody shovel!
Gah! The slippery bastard!
We have come too close to abandon hope. Come, Tsubame, Forename. Let us return to the safety of the storehouse and take stock of our options.
Grymuwil lives. Failure of this sort...does not become you, Karasu.
F-Forgive me, Master. I had an unexpected reunion with some friends. Seems they had a mind to kill me. And just when I thought we were getting on so well...
Your job is to give me answers, Karasu, not excuses. We can ill afford to let a few stray rats foil our plans. Should they return, kill them.
This is your final warning. The next time you fail me will be your last.
<gulp> Does he have to say it like that? Fine, fine... Let it never be said that I'm not a loyal soldier!
Again, Karasu eludes our grasp. Will the day never come that we can return to our village in triumph?
Bah! Once more, the bloody crow has managed to foil our best-laid plans.

It is as if his skills burgeon with each encounter. But how could this be? Has he perfected some new training regimen since coming to Eorzea?

But there is no time to dwell on past mistakes. Since the times of my ancestors, failure in one's duty is unacceptable for a shinobi. My mission will end in success─Karasu's death─or own.

But all is not lost. Karasu is not the only one who has honed his skills. Fighting beside you back there, at times it felt as if we had trained together since childhood.
You have shown remarkable focus and aptitude for our art, but you must grow stronger still if we are to have any hope of triumph. Devote yourself to your training with the entirety of your body and mind, and Tsubame and I will do the same. I await your return, Forename.

Battle Dialogue[edit]

Use Hide to make your way past the guards and locate Karasu!

Defeat Karasu!

Dispatch all foes!
I'm sorry to run─truly, I am─but there's someone very important I need to be killing.
There will be no escape for you this time, you traitorous dog!
I know you love me, little swallow, but sometimes you just have to let go!
I will let my blade go into your chest. Say your prayers, demon!
Well, looky here! Too bad you didn't realize that there's more than one...way...out!
Curses! We had him just where we wanted him!
I was too...careless...
Forgive me, Oboro... I have...failed...
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