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Nophica {no'-fee-kah}, tender of soils and harvests and goddess of abundance, is the guardian deity of Gridania. She commands the element of Earth and is associated with the eleventh moon of the Eorzean calendar. Nophica is the daughter of Azeyma, and the younger sister of Llymlaen. She is most often depicted as a jubilant farmer holding a scythe of steel. Her symbol is the spring leaf.
Elemental Resistances as Player Guardian
Fire Element Icon ARR.png + 2 Ice Element Icon ARR.png + 2 Wind Element Icon ARR.png + 2 Earth Element Icon ARR.png + 4 Lightning Element Icon ARR.png + 3 Water Element Icon ARR.png + 0
Pantheon: The Twelve
Title: The Matron
Subtitle: Tender of soils and harvests
Goddess of: Abundance
Symbol: The spring leaf
Gender: Female
Aspect: Earth
Patron of: Gridania and Disciples of the Land
Depiction: A jubilant farmer holding a scythe of steel
Month: 11
Parents: mother Azeyma

Siblings: older sister Llymlaen
Other: Rival of Halone


The Hymn of Nophica
Sun's sweet smile and wind's cool breath,
Both of these I send thee,
To ripe thy fruit and spread thy seed,
And nourish those that tend thee.

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