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Unlocked upon completion of Inscrutable Tastes, the Collectable system allows crafters and gatherers access to the Scrip Exchange, which exchanges various items for Red and Yellow Crafters' Scrips and Red and Yellow Gatherers' Scrip

See the Crafting, Gathering and Fishing logs for more information about the systems which form the underlying bases for the Collectable system.

Collectable items can be created or gathered as Disciples of the Hand or Land respectively, by having one of the following abilities active when obtaining the item:

Collectables by Class[edit]

Alchemist Collectables
Alchemist Icon 4.png
Armorer Collectables
Armorer Icon 4.png
Blacksmith Collectables
Blacksmith Icon 4.png
Carpenter Collectables
Carpenter Icon 4.png
Culinarian Collectables
Culinarian Icon 4.png
Goldsmith Collectables
Goldsmith Icon 4.png
Leatherworker Collectables
Leatherworker Icon 4.png
Weaver Collectable
Weaver Icon 4.png
Botanist Collectables
Botanist Icon 4.png
Fisher Collectables
Fisher Icon 4.png
Miner Collectables
Miner Icon 4.png

Not all items are collectable. Some collectable items can be used for Aetherial Reduction, others can be traded for scrip currency.


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