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Old Sharlayan, New to You

Mainquest1 Icon.png Lv. 80   Old Sharlayan, New to You

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Krile: Old Sharlayan (Zone) - Scholar's Harbor - Worldly Affairs (x:12.2, y:14.2)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Old Sharlayan (Zone) → Scholar's Harbor

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071201.png80The Next Ship to SailMainquest1 Icon.png The Next Ship to Sail (Level 80)

Spacer2.png Any Disciple of War or Magic (excluding limited jobs) (Level 80)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Experience Points

Horse Chestnut Chest Gear Coffer (IL 515)
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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Krile sweeps the Scions with a speculative look.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
  • Speak with G'raha Tia.
  • Speak with Krile while accompanied by G'raha Tia.
  • Head to the Last Stand while accompanied by G'raha Tia and Krile, and speak with Krile at the designated location.
  • Head to the aetheryte plaza while accompanied by G'raha Tia and Krile, and speak with Krile at the designated location.
  • Head to the Agora while accompanied by G'raha Tia and Krile, and speak with Krile at the designated location.
  • Head to the Rostra while accompanied by G'raha Tia and Krile, and speak with Krile at the designated location.
  • Head to Journey's End while accompanied by G'raha Tia and Krile, and speak with Krile at the designated location.
  • Head to the Baldesion Annex while accompanied by G'raha Tia and Krile, and speak with Krile at the designated location.
  • Speak with Krile in the main hall.
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
071201.png80For Thavnair BoundMainquest1 Icon.png For Thavnair Bound (Level 80)
071201.png80Hitting the BooksMainquest1 Icon.png Hitting the Books (Level 80)
071221.png80A Literary DeliverySidequest1 Icon.png A Literary Delivery (Level 80)
071221.png80A Waiting LoveSidequest1 Icon.png A Waiting Love (Level 80)
071221.png80Doll DashSidequest1 Icon.png Doll Dash (Level 80)
071221.png80Scholarly PerspectiveSidequest1 Icon.png Scholarly Perspective (Level 80)
071341.png80Leves of Old SharlayanFeaturequest1 Icon.png Leves of Old Sharlayan (Level 80)
071341.png80Sights of the EndFeaturequest1 Icon.png Sights of the End (Level 80)
071341.png80The Hunt for SpecimensFeaturequest1 Icon.png The Hunt for Specimens (Level 80)

  • Krile sweeps the Scions with a speculative look.

I'm fine. Honestly. Better to be waved through with a stern warning than be denied entry, after all.
That was about as awkward as expected. Still, we're here now, and that's all that matters!
Even allowing that the years I spent in the First passed here in the blink of an eye, the city feels untouched by time...
You are doubtless eager to take in the sights. Not to worry, Forename─the city is not like to vanish before we finish our discussion.
Allow me to extend unto thee my warmest welcome, Forename. May the wisdom of my homeland aid us in our endeavors.
Here we are at last─the great city of Sharlayan! You may have noticed some similarities with the Crystarium, yes? In fact, I─
...Oh, but we really should let Krile have her say first. We can continue this conversation at another time.
I am...unaccustomed to fabricating lies on demand. Why should it matter how I earn my living?
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
I had thought to launch directly into an explanation of what I've learned and how we might proceed...

But this is Forename and Estinien's first time in Sharlayan─and for the rest of you, a homecoming that was long overdue.

You must have places you wish to visit, and people you're dying to see! Therefore I propose we postpone our agenda so that you all may have sufficient time to recover from your journey and get your bearings in the city.

Once you've settled in, we can reconvene at the Baldesion Annex. How does that sound?
'Tis a fine suggestion. We may not be welcome at the Leveilleur Estate as such, but I should like to nose around the neighborhood all the same.
I am equally untethered, as it were. There is no particular place that my kin call “home”...
Still, I would not pass up the opportunity to reacquaint myself with the city.
Likewise. A quick tour of our old haunts might even yield some useful gossip.
The annex was west of the aetheryte plaza, wasn't it? I shall join you there anon.
Yes, we'll see you there!
I, too, have places I would be remiss in not visiting forthwith. By thy leave...
What of you, Estinien? My services as a guide are yours for the asking.
That won't be necessary. Until we reconvene, I prefer to wander as the wind takes me.
B-But, I could─! Oh.
Well, Raha, would you like to join us, then? You've been gone for quite a while, and this would be the perfect way to refresh those dusty old memories of yours.
Oh! Of course─if you will have me!
Come, Forename! Sharlayan awaits!
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
Quest Accepted
Oh dear... His enthusiasm is infectious, isn't it?
After you, my friend! I am more than content to follow your lead.
G'raha Tia is now accompanying you.

Keep him at your side in order to proceed with quest objectives.

You can leave G'raha Tia behind by entering a different area, using the Aethernet, or by putting too much distance between you.

You can also speak with G'raha Tia and select the option to part ways.

If you wish to have G'raha Tia accompany you again, return and speak with him at the original location.

While G'raha Tia is accompanying you, next try speaking with Krile.
Do not forget Mistress Krile, our worthy guide!
Private matters to attend to? Very well, we can regroup in Scholar's Harbor when you are ready to resume our tour.
Please, go ahead and invite Raha first. He's about to burst with excitement!
You must be accompanied by G'raha Tia and have him at your side in order to proceed with quest objectives.
Ah, Forename! Shall we return to our exploration of Sharlayan?
All set? Then let us be on our way!
Our first stop, amusingly enough, will be the Last Stand. It's a café on the west side of the harbor.
Krile is also now accompanying you. Lead your two companions to the Last Stand, and speak with Krile at the designated location.

While you are accompanied, you may encounter “conversation points” along the way which offer additional topics of discussion.

Enter the glowing area and speak with your quest companions to initiate these bonus conversations. Enjoy exploring your surroundings together!
Of course, as you will. We can meet back at that spot in the harbor when you've time to continue the tour!
Yes, there are still places to go and things to show you. Come along!
I'm grateful to have Krile's help in reacquainting myself with this place. It's almost as if I'm seeing it all with new eyes, as you are.
Come on, let's head to the café. It may not seem so at a glance, but the Last Stand is actually a very important part of the city.
This place is called "the Peristyle," and it is the first stop for cargo unloaded at the docks.
You'll find the usual necessities for daily living and other imports vital to running an island nation, but also supplies that further Sharlayan's pursuit of knowledge—namely, large quantities of books, specimens, and samples. Sorting these stacks certainly seems to keep the attendants busy.
With all the unusual wares coming and going at all hours, I expect the assistance of an intrepid adventurer would be highly appreciated.

I see no reason why you couldn't undertake any tasks which pique your interest—you have been cleared by the immigration officials, after all.

I look forward to the day your name is celebrated in Sharlayan the same way it is in Eorzea!
This path leading out towards the sea is known as "the Thaliak Stoa," so named for the statue of the Scholar which stands at its end.

As you know, the Sharlayan people prize the accumulation of wisdom above all else. Thus when Thaliak was chosen as our patron deity, it was more a matter of pragmatism than belief—an alignment of principles, as it were.

We may have honored Him with a rather impressive sculpture, yes, but our faith is not so restrictive as that of, say, the Ishgardians. Individual Sharlayans can—and do!—worship the divinities of their choosing.
Now that is a sight one could hardly forget—the great statue of Thaliak.
As a Student of Baldesion, I was usually quartered on the Isle of Val, but I would gaze upon the Scholar's wise features every time I returned by ship to the city.
Ah, yes, the Last Stand. Now that is an inviting aroma!
And here we are: the Last Stand.

I may have mentioned this before, but although our research into nutrition and food preparation is quite extensive, the average Sharlayan tends to regard seasoning and flavor with...a certain indifference.

How can I put this? The food is, um... It's bland. As encapsulated by our infamous Archon loaf, the prevailing sentiment towards cuisine is dietary value first, and taste a distant second.

There was one pupil at the Studium, however, who could stomach the school's insipid meals no longer. So he quit his lessons and poured all his savings into building a proper eatery.

And so the Last Stand came to be. It is, as the name implies, the sole dedicated outpost of fine dining in Sharlayan. The one and only bastion of the culinary arts in an isle of otherwise mediocre fare.
I seem to recall their burger being hailed as one of the more impressive items on the menu. Not that I ever had the pleasure of eating one myself...
Because you were a typical Sharlayan when it came to "cheap and convenient," Raha. But surely Tataru has since taught you how to appreciate a well-prepared dish! We should all stop in when time permits, and sample the café's delights!
Shall we press on? The stairs to the side of the café there will take us up to the aetheryte plaza.
On to the aetheryte plaza we go! We just need to head up the stairs next to the Last Stand.
The Students of Baldesion would send us to investigate phenomena in locations across the world, so our funds were always stretched thin. And any spare coin I had went to books that caught my eye...
Food was the least of my concerns! Though now, having lived through some rather harrowing times, I've learned what a fortunate thing it is to be able to eat your fill.
Hm. The aetheryte looks different from how I remember it...
An unusual shape, isn't it?

I assure you, however, that it's a perfectly functioning aetheryte. Remember to attune yourself before we move on!

Now, being the diligent tour guide that I am, I should make mention of the Confluence—a research facility located on this very plaza. Its much-vaunted discoveries are the reason Sharlayan stands at the forefront of teleportation technology.

In deciphering the underlying principles of Allagan aetherytes, it allowed us to understand and reconstruct what was essentially a lost art.

...And off we go to our next destination! Our path leads northeast to the Agora, Sharlayan's largest marketplace.
You've attuned yourself to the aetheryte? Then let's continue on to the Agora.
Oh, the markets! I always did look forward to seeing what new wares they had on offer!
That's the entrance to the Confluence.
I have no doubt their expertise will prove useful at some point, so I suggest you remember the way here!
Speaking of aetherytes, those teleportation fees do add up after a while...which is why I tended to rely on the far cheaper ferry services.
I was pleasantly surprised when Mistress Tataru informed me that the Scions are reimbursed for transportation costs as part of our duties, but I find old habits hard to break. That, and I'd rather not be bothered filling out the necessary paperwork.
These little open-air book stalls are so uniquely Sharlayan. I'd always thought them a common sight until I visited other nations.
...Do you mind if I browse the shelves for a moment? There might be some hidden gems I've yet to read!
Only “a moment”? How optimistic. Feel free to browse all you like, but we won't wait around for you.
Ah. Perhaps I'll return here later, then...
Anything worth cracking my coinpurse for today, I wonder...?
Welcome to the Agora, where you can find wares made in Sharlayan, as well as a wide selection of imported goods.

They also used to sell questionable “prototypes” from the various research institutes, but I think that practice has thankfully died out. For the most part.

Otherwise, I can think of no better place to stock up for your next big adventure!

...Am I overselling it? Ahem. On a more serious note, the next stop on our tour is one which has particular relevance to our ultimate purpose here.

We must head back to the aetheryte plaza, follow the path north, then climb the stairs up to that imposing building at the very top.
The building we're looking for sits at the top of the stairs, to the north of the aetheryte. Just keep walking up, and you'll reach it eventually.
The district we're passing through is called Archons' Design—a name which honors the seven individuals whose contributions were instrumental in the founding of Sharlayan. It is the city's political and financial center, and it also hosts a collection of research institutions.
'Tis a fascinating experience to walk around the city and contrast my image of the past with the reality of the present...
This is the nymphaeum, an area dedicated to the blessings of water.

For Sharlayans, water represents more than a life-sustaining liquid—it is a reminder of the great flood which precipitated the birth of our nation, as well as a symbol of the knowledge which flows from Thaliak's divine ewer.

This is the reason you see an abundance of fountains throughout the city, and a propensity for utilizing water as a decorative feature in our architecture.
These little decorative features are typical of Sharlayan architecture. Aside from the research wing, our headquarters on the Isle of Val were rather simple and rustic by comparison.
Ah, what an invigorating breeze. A touch biting, perhaps, but pleasant nonetheless.
This grand structure before you is the Rostra!

The name refers to the original public platform erected here, upon which a “forum” of elected representatives would deliver orations and debate policy.

Although the stage has since evolved into council chambers, the nature of the Forum and the duties of its members remain largely unchanged.

...Am I boring you, Raha? You seem awfully distracted.
My apologies. From here, one can see the entire city spread out below...

The vista put me in mind of my arrival in the First. Those who had gathered at the Crystal Tower asked me how they might go about building a new home.

Naturally, my answers were all inspired by my knowledge of the finest settlement I could think of—the great city of Sharlayan.

And bit by bit, those few buildings grew into a town. A community. The Crystarium... I can almost see its echo...
I see... Feel free to come up here whenever you wish—I don't think the councilors would object to you simply enjoying the view. Such memories should be treasured.
For now, however, the tour must go on! Our spectacle of sightseeing concludes with the fittingly named Journey's End. Walk down the stairs to the east, and continue straight ahead!
The district of Journey's End occupies the eastern block of the city, so all we need to do is take the stairs down from the Rostra...and keep heading east, of course.
Do you not feel the cold? Granted, it is not terribly chilly for these northern climes, but compared to the temperate weather of Limsa Lominsa...
This neighborhood is home to the highest echelons of Sharlayan society. I never did feel comfortable enough to wander these streets on a whim.
We've arrived at Journey's End! History tells us that this was where those who put ashore with Archon Nyunkrepf built their first homes.

In the present day, it serves as the residential district for the most important officials and the oldest Sharlayan families.

You'll see that one mansion is clearly larger than its neighbors—that estate belongs to our friends from House Leveilleur. All things considered, we should probably keep our distance for the time being...

And with that, we bring our little Sharlayan tour to a close. I hope it has proven to be an entertaining and enlightening experience!

Now, shall we heard directly to the Baldesion Annex? You remember the way, don't you, Raha?
Let me think... We head down towards the harbor, cross the bridge to our right, then follow the path below the aetheryte plaza?
Correct! After you, Forename!
Have I tired you out with all this walking? Not to worry, I had rooms prepared for you at the annex.
Just follow the path to the west side of the aetheryte, and we'll be there in no time.
Ah, the good old annex! I used to bunk there whenever I had business in the city proper.
Like the time I came to submit the thesis for my Archon qualification...
Sharlayan is full of educational and research institutions, but there are still professors who prefer to establish their own private practices.
Not that I ever attended the exclusive schools they run in these residences... Perhaps the twins could tell you more about them.
Right, we cross this bridge here, as I recall. Stick to the path, and be careful not to end up back in the aetheryte plaza!
This is it! The Baldesion Annex!
As the joyous look on Raha's face has undoubtedly informed you, this is the Baldesion Annex.

If you continue up the hill, you'll arrive on the doorstep of Phenomenon...but I think we've explored enough for one day. We can take you there another time.

Inside with you, then!
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
I'm back! And I've brought Forename and Raha with me.
Ah, you were right about the ship, then. Hello, G'raha, it's nice to see you again!
And it's a pleasure to finally meet you, Forename. I've heard many a tale of your exploits.
Ojika!? Ojika Tsunjika! It has been an age...

Allow me to introduce Ojika Tsunjika─administration officer for the Students of Baldesion. He oversees the day-to-day business of the annex.
The “champion of Eorzea” has featured prominently in Krile and G'raha's reports, so for me, this is akin to seeing a fabled hero come to life! It is an honor to make your acquaintance.

Allow me to introduce Ojika Tsunjika─administration officer for the Students of Baldesion. He oversees the day-to-day business of the annex. You may recall meeting his cousin, Ejika?
Oh yes, Eureka. I've read the initial reports─quite a shock to hear what's become of the isle. Do take care if you have the opportunity to rejoin the expedition.

Allow me to introduce Ojika─cousin of Ejika Tsunjika and administration officer for the Students of Baldesion. He oversees the day-to-day business of the annex.
I read the reports on the Eureka expedition. I hope Ejika didn't cause you too much trouble. He's impatient and impetuous, but a good sort at heart.

Allow me to introduce Ojika─cousin of Ejika Tsunjika and administration officer for the Students of Baldesion. He oversees the day-to-day business of the annex.
I read the reports on the Eureka expedition... Ejika's passing grieved me beyond words. Thank you for standing by him until the end.

This place is like a second home for the Students... The Isle of Val served as our main headquarters, of course, but we often had occasion to visit Sharlayan.

Whether to make use of the city's research facilities, attend conferences, or procure supplies from distant shores...

And the annex here was built to provide lodgings for our members while we engaged in such activities.
Now that our former headquarters is on the wrong side of the world─among other things─the annex has become our new base of operations, for all intents and purposes.

And yet it feels so empty. With so many lost to us, our organization is a shell of its former self.

Ever since our former headquarters─along with the isle itself─vanished, the annex has served as our base of operations.

And yet it feels so empty. With so many lost to us, our organization is a shell of its former self.
The day will come when we will see the Students rise again...

But first, we must ensure that the Telophoroi fall!

Through that door on the left there is the main hall, where we can discuss our options moving forward.

...Once everyone arrives, that is. You probably have time to rest before our discussions begin in earnest.

I've had private quarters prepared for you in the Andron, so please, feel free to make yourself at home!
Ah, the nap rooms! Perfect for an afternoon doze...

Oh, I didn't mean to give you the wrong impression─the chambers are quite well appointed! Far more so than some cheap roadside inn, you may be assured.

'Twas simply that we were often so busy with research, or exhausted from journeys abroad, that we would slip into the Andron just to steal a few winks.

And thus they became known amongst the Students as “nap rooms”─even if many such “naps” might last well into the following morning!
Say the word, and I'll be happy to show you to your chamber.
Hopefully the others won't be too long in coming! I'll wait for you all in the main hall.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
Do you have papers pasted on the walls of your room? 'Twas not unusual for occupants to pin up notes or documents and such, and then forget to take them when they went on their merry way.

Sometimes it was quite deliberate, though. You might see complaints addressed to other members, or a thank-you card for the engrossing literature someone left behind.

Beloved traditions...that I should know better than to dwell upon. If we are to create a future for the Students of Baldesion and so many others, we must look to the days ahead.
Welcome back, Forename! Ready for a nap?
Feeling refreshed and alert? Our colleagues should be wandering in soon, so I suggest we stay here and wait for them to join us.
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene start.
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene end.
Quest Completed
If the Forum is intent on concealing its intentions, then a cursory investigation will avail us little, I suspect. We will need to dig deeper—and with the greatest of care...
I still don't understand how the vote could be unanimous... What could possibly convince them all to turn their backs to Eorzea?
The process by which Forum members are elected is fair and equitable—neither wealth nor social standing offers any advantages to a prospective candidate. But fairly elected or not, Master Matoya still found them all to be insufferable.
Our tour of the city was a pleasant distraction. I feel more than ready now to tackle the challenges of the day!
Though I have read much on the subject of Radz-at-Han, this visit shall by my first. 'Twill be interesting to see how the Hannish mean to contend with the tower, different as their magical and technological disciplines are.
So it's back to Thavnair... Had I known earlier, I would have considered more suitable attire.
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