On the Eve of Battle

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Pretext for War?

In recent days, the Immortal Flames’ manpower appears to be stretched quite thin. The bulk of the Grand Company’s strength has left Ul’dah, and the defense of the sultanate has been entrusted wholly to the Brass Blades.
Moreover, Lominsan warships have been sighted at Vesper Bay, unloading Maelstrom troops. Even now, soldiers emblazoned in the colors of the Order of the Twin Adder continue to stream forth from the Black Shroud. Based on these developments, I can only conclude that the three Grand Companies are amassing their forces in Western Thanalan.

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In response to inquiries from The Mythril Eye, Grand Flame Marshal Eline Roaille* provided this written statement:

“The Grand Companies of Eorzea are staging joint military exercises to commemorate the revival of the three-nation alliance.”

However, even a cursory estimation of expenditures by the Immortal Flames casts doubt on this official explanation. The Grand Company’s recent acquisitions go far beyond what is necessary for field exercises, yet are approximately the quantities one would expect prior to a full-scale campaign.

Furthermore, the Free Brigade of foreign adventurers has been summoned to participate in these exercises alongside the main host. Indeed, I think it past doubt that the Immortal Flames are poised for total war.

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Our sources within the military caravans report that light infantry units have already been dispatched to the Carteneau Flats, along the outskirts of Mor Dhona. Yet this region, while rumored to be occupied by the VIIth Imperial Legion, is a vast plain with minimal strategic value, which begs the question: why contest such territory?

While much about the situation remains unclear, it is certain that the battle to come will have a lasting impact upon the future of Eorzea. May Nald’thal smile favorably upon our valiant defenders and guide them to victory.

Osaku Ysaku

[Eline Roaille]
Second-in-command to Raubahn Aldynn and caretaker of the Hall of Flames. A renowned commander of Ishgardian descent and one of the Flame General’s most trusted advisors.