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Ophiotauroskin Treasure Map

Ophiotauroskin Treasure Map Icon.pngOphiotauroskin Treasure Map  Key Item
Key Item
Stack: 1
Acquisition Uses
Divider5.png Divider5.png
Miscellaneous Acquisition
  Received when Deciphering a Timeworn Ophiotauroskin Map.
Miscellaneous Uses
  Has a chance to spawn a portal to The Shifting Gymnasion Agonon.

Ophiotauroskin Treasure Map Treasure Map Icon.png
Potential Drops:
 Allagan Tomestone of Aphorism Icon.png Allagan Tomestone of Aphorism x10
 Gil Icon.png Gil x3430
 On Blade's Edge Orchestrion Roll Icon.png On Blade's Edge Orchestrion Roll x1
 Pixie Wings Icon.png Pixie Wings x1
 Cloth of Happiness Icon.png Cloth of Happiness x1
 Exciting Fiber Icon.png Exciting Fiber x1
 Almasty Fur Icon.png Almasty Fur x3-5
 Almasty Serge Icon.png Almasty Serge x4
 Ametrine Icon.png Ametrine x5
 Bismuth Ore Icon.png Bismuth Ore x3
 Chloroschist Icon.png Chloroschist x4
 Commanding Craftsman's Draught Icon.png Commanding Craftsman's Draught x1
 Competent Craftsman's Draught Icon.png Competent Craftsman's Draught x1
 Dark Hempen Cloth Icon.png Dark Hempen Cloth x2
 Eblan Alumen Icon.png Eblan Alumen x3-5
 Enchanted High Durium Ink Icon.png Enchanted High Durium Ink x2
 Excite-I-Mask Icon.png Excite-I-Mask x1
 Gaja Leather Icon.png Gaja Leather x6
 Grade 5 Tincture of Dexterity Icon.png Grade 5 Tincture of Dexterity x1
 Grade 5 Tincture of Mind Icon.png Grade 5 Tincture of Mind x1
 Grade 5 Tincture of Strength Icon.png Grade 5 Tincture of Strength x1
 Grade 5 Tincture of Vitality Icon.png Grade 5 Tincture of Vitality x1
 High Durium Nugget Icon.png High Durium Nugget x4
 High Durium Ore Icon.png High Durium Ore x4-5
 High Durium Sand Icon.png High Durium Sand x3-4
 Horse Chestnut Log Icon.png Horse Chestnut Log x4
 Horse Chestnut Lumber Icon.png Horse Chestnut Lumber x4
 Luncheon Toad Leather Icon.png Luncheon Toad Leather x4-5
 Palm Log Icon.png Palm Log x3-4
 Palm Lumber Icon.png Palm Lumber x2
 Pewter Ore Icon.png Pewter Ore x4
 Red Pine Log Icon.png Red Pine Log x2
 Snow Flax Icon.png Snow Flax x3
 Fire Crystal Icon.png Fire Crystal x153-246
 Ice Crystal Icon.png Ice Crystal x153-246
 Wind Crystal Icon.png Wind Crystal x153-246
 Earth Crystal Icon.png Earth Crystal x153-246
 Lightning Crystal Icon.png Lightning Crystal x153-246
 Water Crystal Icon.png Water Crystal x153-246
 Battledance Materia IX Icon.png Battledance Materia IX x1
 Heavens' Eye Materia IX Icon.png Heavens' Eye Materia IX x1
 Piety Materia IX Icon.png Piety Materia IX x1
 Quicktongue Materia IX Icon.png Quicktongue Materia IX x1
 Savage Aim Materia IX Icon.png Savage Aim Materia IX x1
 Savage Might Materia IX Icon.png Savage Might Materia IX x1
 Fire Cluster Icon.png Fire Cluster x160-199
 Ice Cluster Icon.png Ice Cluster x160-199
 Wind Cluster Icon.png Wind Cluster x160-199
 Earth Cluster Icon.png Earth Cluster x160-199
 Lightning Cluster Icon.png Lightning Cluster x160-199
 Water Cluster Icon.png Water Cluster x160-199