Information provided is based on an in-development build of FFXIV: Endwalker and content in the final version is subject to change!
Red text indicates changes to skills, a red background indicates new skills.

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Trait Acquired Effect
Tank Mastery Icon.png
Tank Mastery
Gladiator Icon 3.png Lv. 1 Reduces damage taken by 20%. Furthermore, a bonus to maximum HP is granted based on your vitality attribute, and a bonus to damage dealt based on your strength attribute.
Oath Mastery Icon.png
Oath Mastery
Paladin Icon 3.png Lv. 35 Increases Oath Gauge by 5 each time an auto-attack lands.
Chivalry Icon.png
Paladin Icon 3.png Lv. 58 Restores MP when using Riot Blade or Spirits Within.
Rage of Halone Mastery Icon.png
Rage of Halone Mastery
Paladin Icon 3.png Lv. 60 Upgrades Rage of Halone to Royal Authority.
Divine Magic Mastery Icon.png
Divine Magic Mastery
Paladin Icon 3.png Lv. 64 Halves MP cost for all spells while preventing casting interruptions via damage taken.
Enhanced Prominence Icon.png
Enhanced Prominence
Paladin Icon 3.png Lv. 66 Restores MP when using Prominence.
Enhanced Sheltron Icon.png
Enhanced Sheltron
Paladin Icon 3.png Lv. 74 Extends the duration of Sheltron to 6 seconds.
Sword Oath Icon.png
Sword Oath
Paladin Icon 3.png Lv. 76 Grants three stacks of Sword Oath after successfully completing a combo with Royal Authority.

Duration: 30s

Enhanced Requiescat Icon.png
Enhanced Requiescat
Sheltron Mastery Icon.png
Sheltron Mastery
Paladin Icon 3.png Lv. 82 Upgrades Sheltron to Holy Sheltron.
Enhanced Intervention Icon.png
Enhanced Intervention
Paladin Icon 3.png Lv. 82 Extends the duration of Intervention to 8 seconds.

Grants Knight’s Resolve to target, reducing damage taken by 10%.

Duration: 4s
Grants Knight’s Benediction to target, gradually restoring HP over time.
Cure Potency: 250
Divine Magic Mastery II Icon.png
Divine Magic Mastery II
Paladin Icon 3.png Lv. 84 Adds a healing effect to Holy Spirit and Holy Circle.
Melee Mastery Icon.png
Melee Mastery
Paladin Icon 3.png Lv. 84 Increase the potency of Fast Blade to 200, Riot Blade to 170, Royal Authority to 130, Holy Spirit to 270, and Atonement to 420.
Spirits Within Mastery Icon.png
Spirits Within Mastery
Paladin Icon 3.png Lv. 86 Upgrades Spirits Within to Expiacion.
Enhanced Divine Veil Icon.png
Enhanced Divine Veil
Paladin Icon 3.png Lv. 88 Adds a healing effect to Divine Veil.
Cure Potency: 400