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Party Finder

Party Finder allows you to either search for a party to join, or recruit other adventurers to form a party of your own.

※Party Finder can be accessed from the Party menu.

Party Finder Menu[edit]

An empty party finder. Click to see a larger version.

To join a party, select Search for Party and specify your Search Criteria. Upon finding a compatible party, simply select Join Party. While the menu may look complicated to navigate, it's actually very simple once you understand what you're looking at!

A maximum of 50 parties can be displayed at a time in the menu; if there are more than 50 parties listed, it will display the first 50 created parties, then sort by category, and then by time remaining if there are multiples of a listed duty. This means that it could be possible for a Duty Roulette listing to appear on both the first page and a later page, despite the fact that they should both technically be on the first page, so make sure you are using your search filters so you don't miss out!


At the very top, there are three options: Data Center, World, and Private. The option to determine this can be found in the Search Area section of the recruitment notice.

Data Center shows you parties that are available across all servers in your data center, except for those that are Server-locked. For example, if you are on the Leviathan server, parties that are locked to Lamia would not be displayed, but you would see any parties that are locked to Leviathan. Joining these parties will automatically place you in a cross-world party. Parties visible across the entire data center will have their content name displayed in blue.

World shows you parties that are only available on your server. It will not display any parties that are set to Data Center. For example, if you are on the Leviathan server, you will see any parties that are locked specifically to Leviathan, but you will not see any Data Center parties under this section. This is especially useful for FATE, hunt, or treasure map parties, as those require players to be in a regular party and not a cross-world party; joining one of these World parties will automatically place you in a regular party. Parties visible only on your server will have their content name displayed in gold.

Private shows both Data Center and World parties that are password protected. These are mainly for static or premade groups, and will not show up in the Data Center or World tabs. Private parties will have a small lock on the left side of the duty icon and, when you select to join them, you will be prompted to enter a 4-digit password.


Icon Used For
"All" Displays all parties listed in the specified Location above.
Duty Roulette
Recruit members to complete any Duty Roulette.
Recruit members to complete any Dungeon.
Recruit members to complete any Guildhest.
Recruit members to complete any Trial. This includes all normal-mode trials and non-current extreme trials.
High-end Duty
Recruit members to complete any Raid. This includes all normal-mode raids and non-current savage raids.
High-end Duty
Recruit members to complete any High-end Duty, which includes all ultimate raids, current extreme trials, and current savage raids, displayed in that order.
Recruit members to complete any PvP.
Quest Battles
Recruit members to complete any Quest Battle. Note that other players cannot join you for solo instances, so this is really only useful for open-world battles where other players may join you.
Recruit members to complete any FATE. Mainly used for FATE trains through a zone; the zone name will be displayed as the content name. Should only be used with the World location to ensure full credit for participation.
Treasure Hunt
Recruit members to complete any Treasure Hunt. Mainly used for treasure map parties; the map type will be displayed as the content name. Should only be used with the World location to allow participation.
The Hunt
Recruit members to participate in The Hunt. Should only be used with the World location to ensure full credit for participation.
Gathering Forays
Recruit members to participate in The Diadem, which is currently the only gathering foray available.
Deep Dungeons
Recruit members to complete any Deep Dungeon, such as Palace of the Dead or Heaven on High.
Adventuring Forays
Recruit members to complete any Adventuring Forays, such as Eureka and Bozja.
"Other" A miscellaneous catch-all category for anything else, including: crafting & gathering services; role-playing activities; static recruitment; house decorators; etc. Items on this list may change with the ToS.

Filters & Search Options[edit]

To the right of the categories, there are 5 buttons: 3 circles and 2 larger squares. These are, from left to right, Filter Settings, Sort Order, Display Settings, Advanced Search, and Recruiter Name Search.

Filter settings for party finder. Click to see a larger version.

Filter Settings is one of the more complex looking options. What it does is allow parties fitting those criteria to be displayed or not. For example, If you uncheck "Objective: None", it will not show you any parties that did not set an objective in their recruitment criteria. It is important to note that these filters will remain active the entire time you are logged in, and will reset when you log out. You can tell if a filter has been modified from having "Select All" enabled as the filter icon will shine yellow. At least one filter must be checked off to save the settings.

For more information about the listed filters and what they mean, please see the recruiting members section below.

Sort Order is exactly what it sounds like, and allows you to sort by ascending (newest/hardest) or descending (oldest/easiest) order.

Display Settings gives you two new selections, with the heading "Display Settings" letting you display locked duties (content you have not yet unlocked) and blacklisted recruiters (players that are on your blacklist).

The "Notifications" heading works together with the Advanced Search, putting a notification message in the chat log to display the amount of parties meeting your criteria, on a timer of 1-10 minutes. You can also set it so it will not send a notification if there are 0 results. Private parties will not be counted.

Advanced search settings for party finder. Click to see a larger version.

Advanced Search lets you specify and display a limited view of only the content you are looking for, with the conditions you want.

  1. You can pick a whole category to filter from, or limit it to a specific piece of content within that category.
    • You can also specify if the party leader has indicated they want to record it by clicking the tiny movie camera to the right of the category drop down. Note that only a handful of fights are available to duty record each patch.
  2. You can choose one of four objectives.
    • Note: Leaving it as "None" will display all objectives for a piece of content, not just those that did not set one. This is the default setting.
    • You can also specify if the party leader has indicated that beginners/first-timers are welcome by clicking the tiny sprout icon to the right of the objective drop down.
  3. Select the roles you would like to join your chosen content on. You can also assign your current class/job as the wished for role by clicking the arrows to the right of the icon. If a group has "One Player per Job" enabled, it will not display groups that have a matching job to your selected job already.
    • Note: this only works for a single player. You cannot set it for more than 1 player. You can set it to search for multiple jobs, and find groups that have enough space for your total group, but it can be a hassle.
  4. By checking the "World" box, it will only display parties that are limited to the World location.
  5. Select the conditions of the group you would like to search for, including a minimum average item level. Selecting multiple conditions will display all of the selected conditions in your search.
    • Note: you cannot set a maximum average item level.
  6. Choose the duty finder settings you would like to be included in the content, including the loot rules.
    • Note: these must be changed by the party leader in their Duty Finder settings before entering any content to activate. Just because they are listed, does not mean they will be active when you enter if the party leader forgot.
  7. Choose the languages you'd like to search for.

Additionally, you can reset your search criteria back to the default starting options to try again if your settings were too limited or you want to search for something else.

For more information about the advanced search options and what they mean, please see the recruiting members section below.

Recruiter Name Search lets you search for the name of a party leader. This can be helpful if you're looking for a specific group and know the leader's name. Also displays private parties. Displays a maximum of 10 parties.

Recruiting Members[edit]

An empty normal recruitment notice. Click to see a larger version.
An empty alliance recruitment notice. Click to see a larger version.
An empty PvP recruitment notice. Click to see a larger version.

Not finding what you want? You can make your own group! To recruit adventurers for your own party, select Recruit Members and specify your Recruitment Criteria. Interested individuals will answer the call, and you need only sit back and wait.

This comes with numerous detailed sections, including: the unlabelled Type, Details, Search Area, Conditions, Duty Finder Settings, and Language.


This is comprised of three choices: Normal, which is the default option; Alliance, which is used to recruit for content requiring more than 1 group; and Custom Match, which is used for custom PvP matches. Each of these options have a unique change to the menu that is limited to the Details section, changing or limiting the available duties and adjusting the roles section to fit more or less players, and will be discussed more in the relevant sections.


This is comprised of four parts: Duty, Objective, Comment, and Roles.

Duty requires you to choose from one of the categories above, and then choose a specific duty. You cannot select more than 1 duty at a time. Depending on what category you pick, it will change the amount of role slots available. Selecting "None" will put it in the "Other" category.

If the duty can be recorded, you can select the small camera icon to the side to indicate that you would like to record the fight. This setting is for display only and must be manually activated on entering the instance using the Duty Recorder function.

Affected by Recruitment Type!

  • Normal: All categories are available to choose from.
  • Alliance: Only the Raid & Adventuring Forays categories are available to choose from.
  • Custom Match: Only the PvP category is available and is selected by default.

An example of how the objectives affect the colouring of the duty listing.

Objective is a simple drop-down box with four options. Each option will change the colour the duty objectives and conditions to be able to distinguish the type of party at a glance.

  • None: no objective set. Uses the default grey.
  • Practice: Learning. Still new to the fight, some parts are still tricky, haven't seen everything up to enrage. Uses a light green.
  • Duty Completion: Clear. Understand majority of mechanics and will cause minimal/no wipes from misunderstandings with mechanics. Probably seen enrage. Not the same as Duty Complete. Uses a light blue.
  • Loot: Farm. Cleared before, know all mechanics, unlikely to cause wipes. Does not restrict players who have not cleared from joining. Please see the Conditions section for details on this handy option. Uses gold.

Comment is pretty self explanatory, 192 characters and a max of 2 lines to throw out any information about what you're doing, be it selling crafted goods or clearing a fight. Keep it short and concise so everyone can quickly understand what you mean!

The role selection window as of Patch 6.08. Click to see a larger version.

Roles is another one of those intimidating-looking sections. Upon selecting an option from the Duty section, it will adjust the amount of slots to match the content, as well as the available roles if its instanced content that normally requires a specific array of roles.

By clicking one of the slots, you can manually select what classes/jobs you would like to fill that slot. Clicking on the category will select all classes/jobs in that category, and exclude others all others. If you do not care what role fills it, you can select the "Free" slot; if you do not want to fill that slot at all (maybe there is someone who will be late, and you want to save a spot for them to invite after) you can click the "Omit" option and no one will be able to join in that slot.

Below the role slot selection, there are three checkboxes that affect the display of the remaining slots.

  • "Remove role restrictions for all remaining openings": any slots that don't have a player in them will be set to a free "anyone can join" slot.
  • "Unselect Classes": prevents players missing a job stone from joining the group.
  • "One Player per Job": prevents duplicate classes/jobs from joining the group. Does not prevent a class/job from joining if their counterpart job/class is in the group. For example, a gladiator could join the group if a paladin is already present, even though a paladin is the upgrade to the gladiator.
    • Note: If this option is selected, it will display below your chosen content and be coloured by the Objective selection.

Affected by Recruitment Type!

  • Normal: has a range of 1 group of 4-8 players as default. Content that can have more than 1 group will still be available, but cannot recruit more than 1 group with this setting.
  • Alliance: has a range of 3-6 groups of 8 players each as default. Note: to enter 3-group alliance content with less than the maximum amount of players, the Unrestricted Party option must be selected in the Duty Finder.
  • Custom Match: Has a range of 3 groups consisting of 2 groups of 4 players (PvPers) and 1 group of 8 players (spectators). The spectators option can be disabled by selecting the checkbox below.
※Tip: If you are recruiting for difficult content, you may wish to restrict the roles more forcefully to ensure all role bonus requirements are met and you have an appropriate selection of players to complete the content. Simply set the healer slots so there is 1 "Pure Healer" and 1 "Barrier Healer" slot, and 1 each of melee, physical ranged, and magical ranged, with 1 slot left as a catchall 4th DPS slot. This helps keep the full 5% stat bonus from having a diverse group and ensures you have both types of healing to cover a wider variety of situations, and also prevents accidents such as having 3 or more of one dps role in a group.

Search Area[edit]

This is the option that affects the display of the Location above. Checking the box for "Limit Recruiting to World Server" will only allow players currently on your server to view and join the group, and mark the content name in gold. Leaving the box unchecked will allow any player across the data center to view and join the group, and mark the content name in blue.

Checking the box to "Form a Private Party" requires you to input a 4 digit passcode. You must choose one yourself, as it will not automatically generate one for you and will prevent the party from being created until it is set. While it is restricted to the Private location, checking off the box to limit it to your current world server will still affect the party and will only display it to players currently on your server.

※Tip: because 0 is the default filler when you use a password with less than 4 digits, you can use a password like "0001", and players can simply input "1" when they join and it will be accepted.


Arguably the most important section to ensure you have the players you are looking for, and comes with two options: Completion Status and Avg. Item Lv..

Completion Status directly affects which players can join, based on if they have or have not completed the content. It comes with 3 options, although 1 is only available in certain circumstances. If this option is selected, it will display below your chosen content and be coloured by the Objective selection.

  • Duty Complete: prevents players who have not cleared from joining the group. Handy for farm parties.
  • Duty Incomplete: prevents players who have cleared from joining the group. Situationally useful, should not be used if you're willing to accept help from players who have completed the content however.
  • Duty Complete (Weekly Reward Unclaimed): only appears for content with a weekly reward restriction such as current tier Savage. The same as Duty Complete, but with a useful twist. If a player has already completed the fight during the in-game week and collected their weekly reward, they are unable to join the group. This guarantees a 2-chest group (as long as yourself or players you invited manually have not already completed the content for the week). This can be checked on entering the duty as it will give a notification.

Avg. Item Lv. lets you set a requirement for players to be at or above a specific item level to join the group. For content that has a minimum required item level, it will automatically default to that value, although you must check off the box to enforce it. You can adjust it higher as well, but be careful not to set it too high or other players cannot join! Some people use this to advertise content with an unreachable item level to prevent players from joining the group.

※Tip: By setting specific item levels, you can also ensure what actual level players are at minimum when they join, as those item levels are the lowest item level available for that level.
  • To prevent anyone under 60, set it to 170.
  • To prevent anyone under 70, set it to 290.
  • To prevent anyone under 80, set it to 430.
  • To prevent anyone under 90, set it to 561*. (while the AF gear is 560, you can equip it at level 89, so it doesn't work. A single item level higher requires a player to be wearing at least one level 90 gear piece.)

Duty Finder Settings[edit]

※These settings are for display only. To change actual settings, you must access the Duty Finder interface.

Here, you can indicate the settings that will be used with the content: Unrestricted Party, Minimum IL, and Silence Echo, along with an option to set what kind of Loot Rules will be used.

Loot Rules consist of:

  • Normal: default option. No changes from how loot is usually distributed.
  • Greed Only: prevents the use of the "need" button, regardless of if it can be used directly by your chosen class/job.
  • Lootmaster: enables the party leader to directly assign who gets what item, or set it to greed between all party members. Useful for raids, but considered poor taste for pug content like extreme fights.


※These settings are for display only. To change actual settings, you must access the Duty Finder interface.

Sets the languages you're willing to accept into your group. I am not entirely sure how this option affects recruitment of members, but it doesn't seem to have much impact. Just leave it set to all to make sure you give all players a chance to join!