Patch 1.0

Patch 1.0 Sources:
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Date: 2010/09/30 (Hotfix: 2010/10/08, 2010/10/15)
Official launch of FFXIV.

Mostly Old and Outdated Items from Patch 1.0

Battle of Silvertear Skies
Sea Wolves
Test Area
Test NPC
Treasure of Swallowtail Roam
Weathered Acton (Grey)
Weathered Beach Hat (Blue)
Weathered Beret (Beige)
Weathered Breeches (Grey)
Weathered Chausses
Weathered Chausses (Grey)
Weathered Coif (Grey)
Weathered Crakows
Weathered Culottes (Grey)
Weathered Dalmatica
Weathered Dalmatica (Grey)
Weathered Doublet Vest (Grey)
Weathered Duckbills
Weathered Field Belt
Weathered Fingerless Gloves
Weathered Gown (Beige)
Weathered Gown (Grey)
Weathered Halfgloves
Weathered Halfrobe (Beige)
Weathered Hunting Tunic (Brown)
Weathered Jackboots (Taupe)
Weathered Jerkin (Brown)
Weathered Kecks (Brown)
Weathered Kecks (Grey)
Weathered Moccasins
Weathered Pattens
Weathered Robe
Weathered Sarouel (Brown)
Weathered Satchel Belt
Weathered Shirt
Weathered Shoes
Weathered Shoes (Taupe)
Weathered Slops (Beige)
Weathered Slops (Brown)
Weathered Slops (Grey)
Weathered Smithy's Gloves
Weathered Sun Hat
Weathered Survival Belt
Weathered Tabard
Weathered Thighboots
Weathered Thighboots (Grey)
Weathered Tights
Weathered Tool Belt
Weathered Trousers
Weathered Workboots (Grey)