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Patch 1.18

Patch 1.18 Sources:
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Date: 2011/07/21

Mostly Old and Outdated Items from Patch 1.18

Adder's Nest Egg
Arms Race
Bow of the Gods
Breaking the Seals
Burning a Hole in One's Pocket
Career Opportunities (Quest)
Engineering Victory
Enter the Coeurl (1.x)
Gridanian Cesti
Gridanian Coatee
Gridanian Cowl
Gridanian Crook
Gridanian Doublet
Gridanian Jacket
Gridanian Targe
Imperial Devices (Gridania)
Imperial Devices (Limsa Lominsa)
Imperial Devices (Ul'dah)
Into the Dark (Gridania)
Into the Dark (Limsa Lominsa)
Into the Dark (Ul'dah)
Kindling a Flame
Lominsan Apron
Lominsan Brand
Lominsan Chainmail
Lominsan Dalmatica
Lominsan Doublet Vest
Lominsan Labrys
Lominsan Spear
Seals for the Whorl
Testing the Waters
The Book of Renette
The Mail Must Get Through (Quest)
The Price of Integrity
The Warrior Within
Timeworn Artemis Bow
Timeworn Bravura
Timeworn Sphairai
Ul'dahn Bow
Ul'dahn Gown
Ul'dahn Harness
Ul'dahn Jerkin
Ul'dahn Robe
Ul'dahn Shield
Ul'dahn Spatha
Why Did It Have to Be Snakes
Woolen Sleeves (Red)