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Patch 1.19

Patch 1.19 Sources:
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Date: 2011/09/29

Mostly Old and Outdated Items from Patch 1.19

A Slippery Stone
All-purpose Black Dye
All-purpose Blue Dye
All-purpose Brown Dye
All-purpose Green Dye
All-purpose Grey Dye
All-purpose Purple Dye
All-purpose Red Dye
All-purpose White Dye
All-purpose Yellow Dye
An Officer and a Wise Man
Appetite for Destruction (1.x)
Augmented Materia Melder
Burning Man
By Fire Reborn
Calcified Matter
Call of Booty
Carbonized Matter
Ceruleum Shock
Cretified Matter
Crystallized Matter
Cultured Matter
Cutthroat Prices
Decayed Matter
Decomposed Matter
Different Strokes
Disorganized Crime
Eternal Recurrence
Fossilized Matter
Germinated Matter
Gridanian Bottom
Gridanian Breeches
Gridanian Sash
Gridanian Slops
Gridanian Trousers
It Kills with Fire (Gridania)
It Kills with Fire (Limsa Lominsa)
It Kills with Fire (Ul'dah)
Joining the Spirit
Know Your Enemy
Kobold and the Beautiful
Liquefied Matter
Lominsan Breeches
Lominsan Chausses
Lominsan Kecks
Lominsan Sash
Lominsan Slops
Materia Assimilator
Materia Melder (Key Item)
Meteor Project
Muscle Restorative
Ossified Matter
Petrified Matter
Prying Eyes
Risky Business
Saving the Stead Instead
Serenity, Purity, Sanctity
The Cove
The Pen Is Mightier Than the Spear
Their Finest Hour
There Might Be Blood
Ul'dahn Chausses
Ul'dahn Culottes
Ul'dahn Sash
Ul'dahn Subligar
Ul'dahn Tights
What a Pirate Wants
When Alchemists Cry