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Patch 1.21

Patch 1.21 Sources:
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Date: 2012/03/08

Mostly Old and Outdated Items from Patch 1.21

A Light in the Dark (1.x)
A Time to Kill
Bard's-Eye View (1.x)
Coral Earrings
Curious Gorge Goes to the Bazaar
Dodoskin Choker
Dodoskin Wristbands
Doing It the Bard Way (1.0)
Double Dragoon (1.0)
Eye of the Dragon (1.0)
Gearing Up
Hearing Voices (1.x)
Hi-potion of Piety
In Search of Succor
Lance of Fury (1.0)
Lominsan Aetherpass
Lost in Rage
Mega-potion of Piety
Parley on High Ground
Potion of Piety
Return of the King...of Ruin
Ring of Deceit
Seeds of Initiative
Sheepskin Choker
Sheepskin Wristbands
The Ink Thief
The Wheel of Disaster
Ul'dahn Aetherpass
Unfading Scars
Waste Not Want Not
What Glitters Always Isn't Gold
When Sheep Attack