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Patch 1.22

Patch 1.22 Sources:
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Date: 2012/04/25

Mostly Old and Outdated Items from Patch 1.22

A Weaver and a Mummer
Careless Whispers
Deus ex Machina
Evenflow Materia I
Evenflow Materia II
Evenflow Materia III
Evenflow Materia IV
Flawless Avenger Grips
Flawless Darksteel Breastplate
Flawless Darksteel Couters
Flawless Darksteel Gauntlet Plates
Flawless Mailbreaker Blade
Flawless Obelisk Head
Flawless Rampager Head
Flawless Rose Gold Clasps
In for Garuda Wakening (Gridania)
In for Garuda Wakening (Limsa Lominsa)
In for Garuda Wakening (Ul'dah)
It's a Piece of Cake to Bake a Poison Cake
Sanguinary Might Materia I
Sanguinary Might Materia II
Sanguinary Might Materia III
Sanguinary Might Materia IV
Shadow of the Raven
Sound of Certainty Materia I
Sound of Certainty Materia II
Sound of Certainty Materia III
Sound of Certainty Materia IV
Sound of Serenity Materia I
Sound of Serenity Materia II
Sound of Serenity Materia III
Sound of Serenity Materia IV
Sound of Suffering Materia I
Sound of Suffering Materia II
Sound of Suffering Materia III
Sound of Suffering Materia IV
Stellar Might Materia I
Stellar Might Materia II
Stellar Might Materia III
Stellar Might Materia IV
Swiftwall Materia I
Swiftwall Materia II
Swiftwall Materia III
Swiftwall Materia IV
Taming the Tempest
Woes of the Botanist