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Patch 1.22a

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Patch 1.22a Sources:
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Date: 2012/05/08 (Hotfix: 2012/05/15, 2012/05/22)

Mostly Old and Outdated Items from Patch 1.22a

Flawless Astrolabe Clinometer
Flawless Gryphonskin Elbow Pads
Flawless Gryphonskin Knee Pads
Flawless Gryphonskin Shin Guards
Flawless Gryphonskin Shoulder Guards
Flawless Sarnga Limb
Flawless Suspended Trillium Flower
Flawless Vanya Silk Crakow Lining
Flawless Vanya Silk Glove Lining
Flawless Vanya Silk Hat Lining
Flawless Vanya Silk Robe Lining
Militia Gig
Soiled Promissory Note

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