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Piety (Guildleve)

Guildleves plate final.pngPiety (Guildleve)
Spelling: Pietie
Meaning: Piety can refer to either religious devotion, spirituality, or a combination of both.

The word piety comes from the Latin word pietas, the noun form of the adjective pius (which means "devout" or "good"). Pietas in traditional Latin usage expressed a complex, highly valued Roman virtue; a man with pietas respected his responsibilities to other people, gods and entities (such as the state), and understood his place in society with respect to others. The Latin term in turn may derive from "Piodasses", an ancient Greek transliteration of the Indic Prakrit term "Piyadasi", meaning "beloved of the Gods". [1]

Notes: Similar to Benevolence Leves, Piety requires you to deplete either 4 or 8 nodes, each of which have two items unique to the leve. Getting a high rating (dependant on how much XP you get from each item you gather) earns you either a 5%, 10% or 25% exp bonus.
In Eorzea: In Norvandt:
Piety (Guildleve).png
Portrays a Miqo'te Seeker of the Sun fishing on a dock.
Shadowbringers Piety (Guildleve).png
Levequests (66)

Name Level Starter Classes Items Needed
East Bank Story 1 Muriaule Botanist Ash SaplingEast Bank Mistletoe

Waking Wood 1 Muriaule Botanist Treant AcornThrobbing Maple Log

Let the Sun Shine In 5 Muriaule Botanist Thinned Ash LogStraight Ash Log

If a Tree Falls 5 Muriaule Botanist Thick Heavenspillar RootHeavenspillar Root

A Chest of Nuts 10 Tierney Botanist Large ChestnutGolden Chestnut

West Bank Story 10 Tierney Botanist Ash SaplingWest Bank Mistletoe

The Quick and the Dead 15 Qina Lyehga Botanist QuickweedJessamine (Key Item)

Nowhere to Slide 20 Nyell Botanist Exposed Tree RootHealthy Tree Root

Over the Underbrush 25 Nyell Botanist QuickweedJessamine (Key Item)Two-yalm SwitchHairy Caterpillar

The Palm in Your Hand 30 Nahctahr Botanist Sago Palm PithSago Palm Nut

A Stash of Herbs 35 Cimeaurant Botanist Winter PennyroyalYoung Winter Pennyroyal

Plague on Both Our Forests 40 Voilinaut Botanist Spotted LongicornHoley Bark

Caught in the Long Grass 45 K'leytai Botanist Relic FragmentsDiscolored Allagan Runestone

Does This Look Infected? 50 Eloin Botanist

Secondhand Smoke Screen (L) 50 Eloin Botanist Thick Rubycress RootRubycress Root

Coat the Harm (L) 52 Eloin Botanist GentianPerfect Gentian

Ladies and Gentians 52 Eloin Botanist

Your Mother Is Medicine and Your Father Is the Wild 54 Eloin Botanist

Exotic Remedies (L) 54 Eloin Botanist Possibly Unclassified PlantDefinitely Unclassified Plant

Watching the Western Wall 58 Eloin Botanist Black Cedar BranchBlack Cedar Log

Blending In (L) 58 Eloin Botanist Black Cedar BranchBlack Cedar Log

Rhalgr Wood Too 60 Keltraeng Botanist Coarse-Grained WoodFine-Grained Wood

Pining 62 Keltraeng Botanist Othardian Pine LogOld-Growth Othardian Pine Log

Bamboozled 64 Keltraeng Botanist Aged BambooYoung Bamboo

Nunh the Wiser 68 Keltraeng Botanist Perfect-Smelling PetalsPleasant-Smelling Petals

Sought-after Spices 70 Eirikur Botanist Shadow PepperFine Shadow Pepper

Packs a Punch 72 Eirikur Botanist Cloudpuff SapSuperlative Cloudpuff Sap

Pest Problems 74 Eirikur Botanist Eye of Yx'LokwaGlistening Eye of Yx'Lokwa

Good Business 78 Eirikur Botanist Lakeland OakRobust Lakeland Oak

Paper Minds 80 Grigge Botanist Softwood LumberExquisite Softwood Lumber

Don't Have a Yakow 82 Grigge Botanist Thavnairian GrassVerdant Thavnairian Grass

Beet It 84 Grigge Botanist Earthy BeetLustering Beet

A Natural Style 88 Grigge Botanist Fibrous PlantsFine Fibrous Plants


Name Level Starter Classes Items Needed
Who Needs the Paperwork 1 Graceful Song Miner Wind-worn Slab (Who Needs the Paperwork)Undamaged Slab (Who Needs the Paperwork)

Rubble Bubble 1 Graceful Song Miner Weather-worn BrickUndamaged Brick

Vanishing Point 5 Graceful Song Miner Weather-worn BrickUndamaged Brick

Do They Ore Don't They 5 Graceful Song Miner Rock Sample (Do They Ore Don't They)Ore Sample (Do They Ore Don't They)

Break It Up 10 Totonowa Miner

That's Why They Call It Fool's Gold 10 Totonowa Miner Rock Sample (That's Why They Call It Fool's Gold)Ore Sample (That's Why They Call It Fool's Gold)

A Man's Gotta Dream 15 Poponagu Miner Sample RockSample Ore

Look How They Shine for You 20 Nyell Miner Dull SandSparkling Sand

Fool Me Twice (Levequest) 25 Nyell Miner Dirt-caked StoneEngraved Stone

I Kidd You Not 30 Nahctahr Miner

Rocks for Brains 35 Cimeaurant Miner Repair StoneSuperior Repair Stone

Nature Is a Monster 40 Voilinaut Miner Snowcloak SlabClear Snowcloak Slab

Metal Has No Master 45 K'leytai Miner Dreadnaught HullDreadnaught Heatshield

The Basics of Forgery (L) 50 Eloin Miner Porous Volcanic RockSolid Volcanic Rock

Taken for Granite 50 Eloin Miner Solid Volcanic RockPorous Volcanic Rock

Rose Never Lets Go (L) 52 Eloin Miner Foundation StoneRune-covered Rock

Permit for Destruction of Religious Property 52 Eloin Miner Foundation StoneRune-covered Rock

All of These Bases Belong to Us (L) 54 Eloin Miner Floating SoilFloating Rock

From Creepers to Squatters 54 Eloin Miner Floating SoilFloating Rock

Sticking It Out 58 Eloin Miner High-quality Pommel OrePommel Ore

Pommeling the Enemy (L) 58 Eloin Miner High-quality Pommel OrePommel Ore

Cermet Breaker 60 Keltraeng Miner Anodized Cermet PlatingCermet Plating

Ready Ore Not 62 Keltraeng Miner Flawless Ruby Sea Ore SampleRuby Sea Ore Sample

Simply Marble Us 64 Keltraeng Miner Cracked MarbleUncracked Marble

Mine All Mine 68 Keltraeng Miner Violet GravelRaw Gravel

Jewelry for All 70 Eirikur Miner Raw CallaisExquisite Callais

Secret Stones 72 Eirikur Miner Voeburtite QuartzImmaculate Voeburtite Quartz

Rocks from Rak'tika 74 Eirikur Miner Poison-soaked GravelPoison-coated Gravel

Lakeland's Legacy 78 Eirikur Miner Useful-looking DebrisSturdy-looking Debris

One Man's Rock 80 Grigge Miner Eye-catching StoneSpellbinding Stone

The Gall on That Giant 82 Grigge Miner Thavnairian GiantsgallShimmering Thavnairian Giantsgall

Training Up 84 Grigge Miner Mark XLIX PlatingFlawless Mark XLIX Plating

Rocks of a Feather 88 Grigge Miner Captivating MineralMarvelous Mineral