Portly Porxie (Mount)

Portly Porxie (Mount) Icon.pngPortly Porxie (Mount)Flying Mount 
A prodigious porxie created by the Nu Mou Lugg Aenc for transportation purposes. Fond of sausages, it oft spends its free time in the curing chamber, and thus has come to take on the aroma. While comfortable to ride thanks to its soft curves, expect regular rumblings from its belly.
Portly Porxie (Mount) Patch.png

Oooh, when I get my hands on those porxienappers...
- Uin Nee

Acquisition: Purchased for 18x Fae Fancy from Jul Oul, Rank 7 (Sworn) required with the Pixie tribe.
Requires: Portly Porxie Horn
Movement: Airborne (Flying)
Actions: Siphon Snout (Mount Action)
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