Prognostications of the Prophetess

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Ascertaining the Association between Atomos and the Auguries

Before the blood-red moon began to bloat above Eorzea, a migratory man of mysterious motives arrived at aetheryte camps, panicking people as he preached prophecy of death and doom. Myself and many others thought this ominous orator to be outrageous, and his ponderous proclamations naught more than the notions of a nonsensical nomad.
In light of the lingering luminosity of Dalamud, I have come to doubt my earlier denunciations, as the words of this weird wanderer appear all too applicable.

“Ne'er till land consumes sun can sea bear moons, heavens spew crimson flame, hells seep black dooms.”

The first portion of this prophecy pertains to the progression of eras, namely the ending of the Astral and the beginning of the Umbral. The subsequent section speaks of the swelling of the sanguine Dalamud and the recent rain of red rocks.

Astute adventures might then ask, “What of the final frightening fragment?”

This renowned reporter has conclusively concluded that the massively mawed monster which beckons the brilliantly blazing beasts is the black doom!

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Since the advent of attacks by this alarming abomination, I have independently investigated its inscrutable intentions. Though I am unable to anticipate its appearance with any accuracy, I have assembled (with the aid of adventurers most admirable) a copious cornucopia of information which has confirmed my convictions.

Contemplate the circumstances of the creatures and you will no doubt concur: the harsh hells which harbor horrors is surely the void of which the scholars speak, and the floating fiend is doubtless the doom described.

The terrors that trouble us are truly tremendous, but I have cause to claim we will surmount this situation.

“Stray seeds quicken in ash's grey embrace, Valiant blades forged under the Twelve's good grace.”

In short, the seeds of our salvation shall survive the struggle and deliver us from total destruction. I remain confident that, even if Dalamud descends, Ul’dah will recover and rebuild.

I believe the citizens of this great city are particularly pragmatic and more than capable of coping with calamitous circumstances. Even if driven to ground, we will grope for grains of gold with our hands and find new fortunes with our fingertips─for in loss one may find profit, or so the saying goes.

Let us remain strong and make ready to raise these stray seeds, for it is through their cultivation that we will harvest our hope for the future.

Dural Tharal