Quarrying: Nhaama's Retreat

Miner Icon 8.pngQuarrying: Nhaama's Retreat
The Azim Steppe - Nhaama's Retreat  (12.0-25.6) (Rocky Outcropping)
Quarrying Node
Nhaama's Retreat-Quarrying.png
Random Bonuses:

  Gathering ≥ ??? ➜ Gathering Attempts +1
  Max GP ≥ ??? ➜ Gathering Attempts +1
  Perception ≥ 874 ➜ Gathering Yield +2~9

The Azim Steppe Quarrying Nodes:
Quarrying: Azim Khaat
Quarrying: Ceol Aen
Quarrying: Onsal Hakair
Quarrying: The Sea of Blades
Last Verified: Patch 5.11
Slot Item   Gathering Information Location Requirements
2 Skybuilders' Durium Sand Icon.png Skybuilders' Durium Sand
Map40 Icon.png
Node Level/Type: 70
Gathering Level: 70
Perception Bonus: HQ Icon.png ≥ N/A
The Azim Steppe
Nhaama's Retreat  (12.0-25.6)