Reeling in the Vundu

Sidequest2 Icon.png Lv. 50   Reeling in the Vundu
Rewardsicon.png Rewards
XP Gil Poetics Relations
Expicon.png24,000-103,680 Gil Icon.png609
Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Icon.png
Vanu Relations Icon.png 50
Guaranteed Rewards
Vanu Whitebone
Vanu Whitebone
Informationicon.png Description
Muna Vanu's stomach growls subtlely like distant thunder.
  • The difficulty of this quest will be synced to your current level.
Objectivesicon.png Objectives
Issuing NPC: Muna Vanu
The Sea of Clouds -The Blue Window -Ok' Gundu Nakki (6-14)
Type: Vanu Vanu Quest
Repeatable: Daily
Quest: Sidequest1 Icon.pngLinu's Lovely Bones
Reputation: Friendly
NPCs Involved: Eenu VanuLuna VanuVundu Cloudfisher
NPC Locations
Muna Vanu in The Sea of Clouds (x:6.6, y:14.5)
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Eenu Vanu in The Sea of Clouds (x:5.8, y:14.8)
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Luna Vanu in The Sea of Clouds (x:7, y:14.3)
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Vundu Cloudfisher in The Sea of Clouds (x:36.8, y:7.7)
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Vundu Cloudfisher in The Sea of Clouds (x:32.1, y:12)
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Sidequest4 Icon.png 
Eenu Vanu in The Sea of Clouds (x:5.8, y:14.8)
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  • Muna Vanu recalls it has been a while since he enjoyed a reasonably plump cloudfish and asks you to inquire with Eenu Vanu about when the next haul will arrive.
  • Eenu Vanu tells you that Vundu cloudfishers have been greedily snatching up all the plump fish, leaving very few to feed the villagers of Ok' Gundu Nakki. He asks you to ride on sanuwa-back to the fishing spot near Neverreap in the east and stop the cloudfishers from bleeding the Sea of Clouds dry. Approach Luna Vanu and ask him to lend you one of his cloudkin for the journey.
  • With Luna Vanu's generosity in lending one of the village sanuwas, you mount the cloudkin and set course for Ok' Vundu Vana. Travel to the Vundu tribe's fishing spot and pester the cloudfishers out of their catches using the sanuwa's blustery breath.
  • Speak with Luna Vanu in Ok' Gundu Nakki to mount a sanuwa.
  • With the fish populations no longer in peril of being depleted, return to Ok' Gundu Nakki and report to Eenu Vanu.
  • Eenu Vanu has a good laugh over the reactions of the Vundu cloudfishers when their day's catch was foiled, calling their misery “striking two paissas with a single lightning bolt.” Now that the stock has returned to the wind, the Gundu tribe will once again feast upon fat cloudfish.
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