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Remember Me This Moonfire Faire

Moonfire Faire Event Icon.png Lv. 15   Remember Me This Moonfire Faire

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Haermaga: Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks - The Drowning Wench (x:11.5, y:13.6)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks → The Aftcastle

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
080101.png15A Rousing DouseSidequest1 Icon.png A Rousing Douse (Level 15)
080101.png15A Very Cherry BombSidequest1 Icon.png A Very Cherry Bomb (Level 15)
080101.png15The Cannon-do SpiritSidequest1 Icon.png The Cannon-do Spirit (Level 15)

Spacer2.png Any Class (Level 15)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Experience Points

Lominsan Sparkler
Lominsan Sparkler
Lominsan Sparkler
Bombard Bloom
Bombard Bloom
Bombard Bloom
Bomb Dance
027001.png All's Faire in Love and War
Miscellaneous Reward
Unlocks ability to purchase Summer Evening TopSummer Evening TrunksStriped Summer TopStriped Summer TrunksSummer Morning HalterSummer Morning TangaStriped Summer HalterStriped Summer TangaRed Summer TopGreen Summer TopBlue Summer TopSolar Summer TopLunar Summer TopRed Summer HalterGreen Summer HalterBlue Summer HalterSolar Summer HalterLunar Summer HalterRed Summer TrunksGreen Summer TrunksBlue Summer TrunksSolar Summer TrunksLunar Summer TrunksRed Summer TangaGreen Summer TangaBlue Summer TangaSolar Summer TangaLunar Summer TangaLord's Yukata (Blue)Lord's Drawers (Black)Lord's Yukata (Green)Lord's Drawers (White)Lord's Yukata (Grey)Lord's Drawers (Gold)Lord's ClogsLady's Yukata (Red)Lady's Knickers (Black)Lady's Yukata (Blue)Lady's Knickers (White)Lady's Yukata (Black)Lady's Knickers (Gold)Lady's Clogs
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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Haermaga has special rewards to give to those who have completed all three Moonfire Faire events.
※This quest is available for a limited time only.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
  • Don a lady's yukata (red)/lord's yukata (blue) and speak with the Moonfire Faire chaperone in Limsa Lominsa.
  • Make Haermaga's rendezvous at the Bismarck.
  • Deliver the twisted hachimaki to Haermaga.

  • Haermaga has special rewards to give to those who have completed all three Moonfire Faire events.
※This quest is available for a limited time only.
  • You have completed all three Moonfire Faire events, and Haermaga has special rewards for you as promised. The first is a lavish selection of fireworks, currently in the safekeeping of another chaperone. The second is quite a different set of tailfeathers─a lesson in dance of the Eastern tradition. Don your blue lord's yukata and ask the Moonfire chaperone in the Aftcastle about the fireworks.
※Please note that you will be unable to complete this quest after the seasonal event has ended. For details, please check the Lodestone.
  • The homespun chaperone voices her concern regarding Haermaga's distracted demeanor, and urges you to involve yourself in some mysterious rendezvous at the Bismarck. When you return, the fireworks should be waiting.
  • The elusive visitor turns out to be Yamimi, a merchant on a mission. She brings a memento and a message from Haermaga's late friend, a young boy who dreamt of living an adventurer's life in the Far East. Your disquiet at learning of Haermaga's secret sorrow is only natural, but do not let it prevent you from delivering the twisted hachimaki to the grieving adventurer.
  • You have seen into Haermaga's heart today, and it was a strangely beautiful landscape of unexpected loss and unsung devotion. Was this what made this year's Moonfire Faire a living thing, as J'nangho named it? The child that Haermaga yearned to journey with has left him a remarkable gift, one that brooks no refusal. Love never dies; it goes east.

Hrm. She ought to be here by now. <sigh> Might be best to just sit tight...

Phew, sure is hot. And there's nothing like a tip-top summer day! But it makes me think... I mean, how's that fair? That I'm here and─

Uwaaah! Dammit, don't go sneaking up on a man like that! I was just...just reciting the minutes from the last meeting. Trying to memorize them, aye. So, what can I help you with?

You did what? Hah! Finishing all three events... Now that's what I call an adventurer! Went out there and made folks happy, eh? Made some little ones think, “that's the life for me,” I'd wager! Wait till I tell you about the special rewards I've got laid aside.

Oh, you're going to like this! I ordered a tip-top set of fireworks out of my own purse, and that's not all. I'll also teach you a Far Eastern dance more beautiful than anything you've ever seen!

Now, I asked that chaperone to hold on to the fireworks for me. Too sorely tempted to set them off myself, you see. Anyway, go and speak with her, and make sure you don your blue lord's yukata like before.
Quest Accepted

Here for those fancy fireworks? I'll bring them over to Haermaga when I get a chance.

Right nice of him to lighten his own purse to make the faire a success. You know, as a show of gratitude, mayhap you'd be so inclined to do him a good turn?

He hasn't been himself these last few bells, you see. Jumpy as a singed cat, hardly notices a thing. He's even talking to himself, so I had a listen.

Best I can tell, he's waiting for someone who isn't showing. He keeps fussing that mayhap this mystery visitor went to the wrong place─she's on this ship, this restaurant, or at that tailor who does wools so nicely.

Well, I figure it's got to be the restaurant─the Bismarck. The harbormaster doesn't allow willy–nilly visits to ships. And it's too hot today for a fitting, especially in wool. Do you think you could run over to the Bismarck and see if anyone's waiting for Haermaga?
I'm expecting someone in a blue lord's yukata. You look to be the lad that Haermaga told me about, but I sure would feel better if you had the right garb on.
The fireworks I got you as a reward are topnotch, let me tell you! So much so, in fact, I couldn't keep them with me─made my flint-holding hand itchy!

Am I looking for Master Haermaga? Oh, thank the Twelve! Did he send you to meet me? I'd nearly given up.

I have a package for him, and I really must go. I've a table waiting and a truculent guest to charm. A merchant's life is run on an unforgiving clock.

A thousand pities I couldn't meet Master Haermaga! My customer thought the world of him. 'Tis for the boy's sake I wrote the good master and made the long journey to Limsa Lominsa. Well, that and to be fitted for a new bliaud.

The boy? As I understand it, Master Haermaga befriended him several years ago. A band of adventurers was attending to the Bombard menace, I believe. The local children would come to spectate, and he was among them.

His name was Chadwick and he'd decided he wanted to be an adventurer, you see. Haermaga taught him much and more. He told the lad that when he was well enough, he'd bring him to Limsa for the Moonfire Faire. But the gods are cruel; his illness finally took him.

In the last moon of his life, the boy asked me about the Far East. He had dreamed of adventuring there, I think, him and Master Haermaga together. He asked that I find a certain Eastern item and take it to the master, along with a message.

I've got it right here─a twisted hachimaki of the Far East, worn by warriors in a traditional dance of prowess. Take it to Master Haermaga, and these words of the boy's, too: “I've gone East. You'll always be my best friend.”
Haermaga hasn't been acting himself. Mayhap someone could do him a good turn, in appreciation for all he's done for us.
The fireworks I got you as a reward are topnotch, let me tell you! So much so, in fact, I couldn't keep them with me─made my flint-holding hand itchy!

Hah, a runner just came by with your tip-top set of fireworks! That's one reward done─now for that dance lesson! You've never seen its like, the war dance of the Far East...

Hm? You have something for me? But I'm to give you rewards, not the other way around. On the other hand, I always like a present!

Chadwick... This is from him? They told me...they told me he left no words at the end. They gave him potions to ease the pain, and he slept the last week...


He was a skinny little thing. You know how it is. There're always young ones getting underfoot if you're working in a fair-sized hamlet. Wasn't safe, so my alchemist friend scared them off, but one of them just kept lurking there, skulking here...

Finally, we figured it was safer to just have this boy doing chores instead of falling out of trees. You never saw such joy! All Chadwick wanted was to sign his name in the big book at Revenant's Toll─all he wanted.

We knew after the first day. “The canker is in him,” my friend said. “Too deep to cut out, too strong to poison.” But I felt...I felt in my bones that Chadwick and I were meant to journey together. So how could he possibly die?

I showed him a few things, crafting and the like. What a quick pupil he was! Bright as a lamp, brave as a lion. Read like a scholar, too. Taught me a dance from a book─a book, can you believe that? The Rites of the Far East. Always looking east, he was...

I'd wondered why Chadwick asked me not to come say good-bye. Now I know and it makes me...makes me proud. Just look at him, hah! He's an adventurer now, sending me exotic gewgaws from his wanderings.

See all the young ones? At the faire and all around you? One of them─one at least─is going to mean something to you. And when you lose him, if you lose him, it's going to be there was a tree growing in your heart, and it got chopped right down.

It's about the worst thing I've felt, and I wouldn't trade it away for all the world. We journeyed together, Chadwick and I. Nowhere as long as we wanted to, but we traveled the road awhile, aye.

Who's to say the dead don't travel? If the Twelve had any sense, they'd keep the young ones out of their mighty halls and out adventuring in the sun and under the moon. Else they'd be underfoot, eh?

Now we dance, adventurer. Dance and dream of the Far East! Learn it well, and perform it for others!

The eclectic bomb dance! A rite of summer, suitable in settings both staid and strident!

You call that a step, Forename? Lift and stamp! Lift and stamp! Drop your hips! Drop it like it's 18 tonzes! Now give me that hand clap!
Quest Completed
You have learned the emote Bomb Dance!

Why do you linger? Hurry and give the boy's gift to Master Haermaga.

Would that I could meet Master Haermaga, but there's a corsair captain to wine and dine, and I dare not make her wait.
Haermaga hasn't been acting himself. Mayhap someone could do him a good turn, in appreciation for all he's done for us.
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