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Resplendent Vessel of Ronka (Mount)

Resplendent Vessel of Ronka (Mount) Icon.pngResplendent Vessel of Ronka (Mount)Flying Mount 
After being stolen from ancient Ronkan ruins, this mystical urn passed through many an illicit hand before coming to be in yours. Blowing into the flute found within caused it to thus burgeon with the divine and take on a golden glow─an auspicious sign if ever there was one.
Resplendent Vessel of Ronka (Mount) Patch.png

The great speaks!
- Chaqurl Qhotl

Acquisition: Bought from Tabeth for 25,000,000 gil.
Requires: Golden Ronkan Flute
Movement: Airborne (Flying)
Torn from the Heavens (Orchestral Version)
Actions: Peculiar Light (Mount Action)
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