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A retainer is an NPC associated with a player that occupies a number of roles. The retainer acts as extra item and gil storage, with an inventory capacity of 175 items. It's also how players can list items for sale on the Market Board, up to twenty stacks may be listed for sale at a time. Finally, retainers can be used in Retainer Ventures.
Players are given 2 retainers for free, with additional retainers available for sale via Mog Station for $2/month.

Hiring a Retainer

You must complete the story mission "The Scions of the Seventh Dawn", to be given the option to hire a retainer from one of the Retainer Vocates identified below.

When hiring a retainer, you are taken to the Character Creation system and must create the look of the retainer just as if you were creating a new character.

Thereafter, you must select one of 6 "personalities" for your retainer. This will dictate what the retainer will say each time when summoned and dismissed. You can view the full text of the various dialogue choices at Retainer/Dialogue.

You will then be asked to assign your retainer a nickname, which must be unique on your server.

Managing a Retainer

Retainer Vocates

Retainer Vocate Options

Restrictions: You can not hire a Retainer while in an active Duty Finder.

  • Hire a Retainer.
    Once you have completed the story mission described above this is the option you will select to hire a retainer.
  • Dispatch Retainer to (Current City)
    Use this option to change which of the three City-State's Markets your retainer is selling on. To see where your retainer is, watch the on screen prompt of their location when you summon them.
  • Release a Retainer.
    Selecting this will effectively delete your retainer.
  • Ask about Retainers.
    Here you can learn the basics about your retainer.
  • View Market Tax Rates.
    Checking this will allow you to see what each City-States Tax Rates are for the Market. This effects the additional fee in percent a player pays when buying an item posted by a retainer from a city other than the location of the buyer.

Summoning Bells

You can access your Retainer by using a summoning bell. Once summoned, any items you have listed on the Market Board will be taken down until you finish with your retainer.

Bell Locations

Summoning Bell Map Icon.png

Summoning bells are indicated on the main and mini maps by a bell icon.

Players can find a Summoning Bell each located beside a Vocate (see above), in your Inn Room, or in a few other populated encampments around Eorzea (e.g. Revenant's Toll).

Bell Options

  • Entrust or withdraw items.
    Use this to give your retainer items (including untradeable items), or crystals, or to retrieve what has previously been given to him/her. This is just a storage option and will not automatically list anything for sale in on the Market Board.
  • Entrust or withdraw gil.
    Use this to give your retainer Gil or retrieve what was previously given to him/her or they received from selling items.
  • Sell items in your inventory on the market.
    Use this to list items for sale from your inventory on the Market Board. This will also show all items listed for sale currently.
  • Sell items in your retainer's inventory on the market.
    Use this to list items for sale from your retainer's inventory on the Market Board. This will also show all items listed for sale currently.
  • View sale history.
    This will show what has recently sold of your listed items on the Market Board.
  • View venture report.
    This will show information about your most recently completed Retainer Venture.
  • View retainer attributes and gear.
    This is where you can equip gear to your retainer.
  • Reset retainer class.
    This is where you can reset, and then change, your retainer's class to access different Retainer Ventures.
  • Quit.
    Finish with your retainer. This returns them to selling what you have listed with them.