Rhalgr's Reach Aetheryte Plaza

Zoneicon.pngRhalgr's Reach Aetheryte Plaza
The aetheryte plaza of Rhalgr's Reach is located in a cavern to its southern end. This aetheryte features an older design, dating back decades, to when the Fist of Rhalgr still resided in the temple.
Zone: Rhalgr's Reach (12-13)
Region: Gyr Abania
Landmass: Aldenard
World: Hydaelyn
Type: Outdoor
Aetheryte: Rhalgr's Reach
Weather: Clear Skies icon.png (Clear Skies)
Clouds icon.png (Clouds)
Fair Skies icon.png (Fair Skies)
Fog icon.png (Fog)
Thunder icon.png (Thunder)
Expansion: Stormblood
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NPCs (16)
  • There are 16 NPCs in this location.
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Quests (11)
  • There are 1 Chronicles of a New Era - Omega in this location.
  • There are 3 Gyr Abanian Sidequests in this location.
  • There are 1 Weapon Enhancement Sidequests in this location.

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