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Rise and Shine

Featurequest1 Icon.png Lv. 50   Rise and Shine

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Jalzahn: North Shroud - Proud Creek - Ixali Logging Grounds (x:29.6, y:19.7)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Fallgourd Float

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071341.png50His Dark MateriaFeaturequest1 Icon.png His Dark Materia (Level 50)

Spacer2.png Disciples of War or Magic (Level 50)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Jalzahn wears a bittersweet smile upon his face, one that would suggest a parting is in the offing.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
071341.png50The Vital TitleFeaturequest1 Icon.png The Vital Title (Level 50)

Journal detail hr1 08.png Items Involved
Journal detail hr1 07.png NPCs Involved

  • Jalzahn wears a bittersweet smile upon his face, one that would suggest a parting is in the offing.
  • After expressing his gratitude, Jalzahn informs you he will return to his native Radz–at–Han ere long. However, he has one last favor to ask of you: deliver a bottle of Sunshine─an incomparable liquor distilled in the alchemist's very own cellarage─to Gerolt as a gift.
  • Though he would have preferred to receive the liquor from Jalzahn in person, Gerolt unsurprisingly accepts the present. Much to your surprise, however, the smith reveals that there is yet work to be done─awakening sentience itself within your Zodiac Weapon. Indeed, it would seem the arms of legend consciously bonded with the soul of their bearers. Upon overhearing this, Jalzahn pledges to postpone his homewards journey. He posits that certain varieties of crystal can transfer a sense─a fragment of consciousness─via soul resonance, and thereby awaken the sentience slumbering within your weapon. To obtain these crystals, Gerolt tasks you with obtaining an introduction to Remon, a man of the black market, from Rowena in Revenant's Toll. Go now and speak with her.
  • According to Rowena, Remon holds an old grudge against Gerolt─the result of an unpaid loan─and will not deal with any friend of the blacksmith without an apology from the man himself. Return to Hyrstmill and inform Gerolt of this, and that Remon resides in his “usual haunt.”
  • According to Gerolt, Remon's bitterness stems not from the loan unpaid, but rather from a love unrequited─though he will say no more on the subject. Jalzahn urges Gerolt to make his amends with a gift: the bottle of Sunshine. Once you, too, have added your voice to the proceedings, Gerolt reluctantly gives up his prized liquor. Take the bottle of Sunshine and seek out Remon in Swiftperch.
  • Remon, a fellow with many, many connections, has anticipated your coming. He accepts Gerolt's apology, and offers to trade you mahatma in exchange for aught that will profit Rowena. Speak to him again when you wish to begin your dealings.

Ah, Forename! You see before you a man content. My studies are complete, and I am now composing my master treatise on the enhancement of arms through soul infusion.

Once I have finished, I intend to return to my homeland. My journey of discovery, in other words, now draws to a close.

I tell you, though, the research I performed here was the most meaningful of my career. 'Twas your deeds that led me to these new heights, and you have my deepest gratitude.

Ah, and I must not forget to thank Gerolt. I have an exquisite liquor from my own private cellar─a small token of my appreciation.

Might I ask you to deliver it? It would be altogether too embarrassing to give it to him myself.
Quest Accepted
In order to advance the quest “Rise and Shine,” you must be equipped with a Zodiac Weapon. Paladins must be equipped with both Excalibur and the Aegis Shield.
Eh? A present from Jalzahn now, is it?

Bah. Ye'd think the bugger'd thank me in the flesh, but I'll have his gift all the same. I'm still dreamin' o' the last bottle's fiery kick.

Jus' as well yer here, though. I've been meanin' to have a word with ye 'bout yer Zodiac Weapon.

See, I got curious as to the Trials of the Braves. So I bargain a bit with Rowena, an' get meself a complete set from the she-devil. I even laid me hands on the last tome o' the series, the “Book of Netherdark.” What's written there surprised the livin' hells out o' me!

Seems the original Zodiac Weapons each had a self all o' their own─a sentience shaped by the bearer's very soul.

The arms grew mightier an' easier to wield o' their own will, based on nothin' but the character an' needs o' their heroes.

Weren't jus' somethin' as simple as havin' a piece o' steel ye've grown accustomed to. Those weapons were like extensions o' the Braves' bodies.

Aye, 'tis why they were the greatest arms o' their own ages─an' why they were lost. Ye can hardly pass a weapon down through the generations if no other bugger can wield it fer shite, can ye?
(- Jalzahn -)
Gerolt! This is hardly what I expected to hear upon coming to bid you farewell. Tell me, do you think this tale true?

Aye, gods help me, I do. An' I even reckon there's a decent chance the recreated Zodiac Weapon can do the very same thing.

Mind ye, any other arm, an' ye'd be a fool to try. But Forename's weapon's got soul an' light in it. I'd wager me next six pints o' mead it's got some form o' sentience already.

I'm o' the mind that it ain't been fully awakened yet.

'Tis a strange concept, but I suppose we've encountered stranger in our travails. Moreover, this notion of sentience could be the origin of how these arms came to achieve their legendary status...

Hah! A weapon able to choose its wielder by its own will─fascinating, simply fascinating! Why, I can imagine no truer ally!
It ain't like to keep ye company with its banterin', Jalzahn. We're talkin' about forgin' an unbreakable bond 'twixt the souls o' the wielder an' the weapon. Well, Forename? Ye've come this far. Ye keen on seein' this through?
Dear me, it would seem as though a postponement to my homewards journey is in order. We must set to this venture forthwith!
I'm glad o' the help, Jalzahn, but startin' out on that venture's easier said than done. Afore aught else, we've got to crack how to awaken the sleepin' sentience in Forename's arm.

Indeed, indeed... Mayhap we can awaken the soul within the arm via some substance alike in character. Creating a resonance betwixt souls can allow for the transference of certain qualities, after all.

Atma, for instance, has no sentience of its own to speak of. Yet as the crystallized soul of a living being, it can contain a particular sense─an aspect of consciousness, if you will.

Alas, I fear atma is too weak. However, some stronger variety of crystallized soul may be capable of bestowing its sense unto the slumbering sentience.

Of course, for the weapon to profit by this, simply possessing the crystal will not be enough. The sense will not magically transfer itself. We will have to find a way to make the soul without connect to the soul within.

Wielding the weapon whilst the crystallized soul is near could be the answer. Or we might also─

Wait, wait... The first thing ye said about wieldin' the weapon─that ain't half bad. An' it jus' so happens I've an idea on where ye might get the kind o' crystallized souls yer talkin' about.

Forename, ye'll need to pay Rowena a visit. 'Course, it ain't her ye want, but her introduction to a bloke called Remon.

The man handles arcane goods, an' comes 'round to Rowena's place every now an' again. Not regular-like, though. Remon's one what only wheels an' deals in the shadows.
Gerolt, you are acquainted with a merchant of the black market? I knew your shady past would aid us at some point. There is no time to waste, Forename! Pray see about arranging this introduction!
In order to advance the quest “Rise and Shine,” you must be equipped with a Zodiac Weapon. Paladins must be equipped with both Excalibur and the Aegis Shield.

...Let me guess─you're here on account o' Gerolt an' some weapon or another. How close'd I come?

Well, least now I know why Gerolt was hankerin' for those old tomes. Like a starved cat after a plump mouse, he was.

Hehe, when that man starts workin', there ain't naught in this realm as can stop him. Ain't changed a bit from when we were travelin' around─

Oh! But that's, er... Wh-What's it we were talkin' about again? Ah, that's right─you were huntin' for Remon.

Hmmm, well... I reckon he's the man you want, given what you're after. 'Course, the problem ain't findin' him─it's the gettin'-him-to-help-you part.

See, a fair ways back, Remon lent Gerolt a pretty lump o' money. Time comes to repay it, an' Gerolt tries to run. Certain words are said, certain bottles...thrown. Needless to say, Remon hates the blacksmith more than morbol bile.

I ended up repayin' the sum Gerolt owed, but Remon's kept that grudge smolderin' inside him for nigh on twenty years.

I understand why well enough, I suppose. Could've bought ten manses in the Lavender Beds with what Gerolt took. I conjure any man'd be hesitant to forgive an' forget after that.

Now that you know the particulars, I'll give you your introduction. But best to keep in mind that folk as work in the shadows are real sticklers for their code. Won't deal with a soul what's broken it, nor their friends.

So run on back to Hyrstmill an' tell Gerolt that Remon's in his usual haunt. But I don't think the merchant'll touch you with a ten-fulm pole unless the dolt apologizes in full...
I haven't a bleedin' clue where Remon is. But ask Rowena real sweet-like, an' she should tell ye where he's holed up.
In order to advance the quest “Rise and Shine,” you must be equipped with a Zodiac Weapon. Paladins must be equipped with both Excalibur and the Aegis Shield.

Eh? What's that about Remon? Bah! Jus' like that gil-pinchin' bastard to not deal with ye unless I grovel at his bloody feet!

Ye'd think it water under the bridge by now, as it's been a full twenty years since─ Aaah, but it ain't the money, is it? It's the woman...

N-Never ye bleedin' well mind who! The point's that Remon won't jus' forgive me, no matter how long or loud I apologize!
Have you considered that a gift may say more than words can, Gerolt? Surely you know of something dear to him.
...Ye heard all that, did ye? As it happens, I can't rightly remember what Remon likes. fer a bottle o' liquor or three.
Then the fiery liquor I gave to you is the answer, is it not?

N-Now don't talk nonsense! It ain't every day I can drink such fine spirits. That liquor's mine, an' mine it's goin' to stay!

...Fine! Fer the sake o' the bloody Zodiac Weapon, I'll part with me bottle o' Sunshine!

You will not regret this, Gerolt.

...Though I am sorry to say that bottle represents the last of the spirits I brought from Radz–at–Han.
Gods damn it all! Please, Jalzahn, at least tell me ye've not run out o' the ingredients ye'd need to brew a potion!
I...I have not, though all of my alchemical equipment is now buried at the bottom of my luggage. But pray tell─what would you have me do with them?

Er...somethin' I read in the Trials of the Braves. Fer now, let's jus' say we'll need a potion or the like if this awakenin' business goes to plan.

Now, Forename, if Rowena said Remon's in his usual haunt, then ye'll need to make yer way to Swiftperch. Once ye find the bloke, give'll need to give him... <shudder> Jus' give him this bottle o' Sunshine and say it's from me.

Get yerself some o' what he's dealin', an' then hie off to battle! Sense'll pass to yer weapon through soul resonance, an' the more blows ye strike, the sooner its sentience'll start to wake!
No doubt the Zodiac glass will aid you in taking measurements of the soul resonance. Once you have imbued your arm with enough senses, return to me and I will do my utmost to see its potential realized!
You tell Gerolt that Remon's in his usual spot. He'll know where that is.
In order to advance the quest “Rise and Shine,” you must be equipped with a Zodiac Weapon. Paladins must be equipped with both Excalibur and the Aegis Shield.
Good evening
...Forename, isn't it? So I thought, so I thought. I've been expecting you.

Ahhh, this must be Gerolt's token of apology. <sniff> What an exotic aroma...

I'm afraid no bottle of liquor, be it ever so fine, can quell the hate I bear the man. However, I will accept this olive branch nonetheless.

But surely you came as much to rouse something from slumber as to lay an old grudge to rest. No need to explain, not to a man with a web of a thousand eyes and ears.

You seek to awaken the sentience nestled within your Zodiac Weapon...or am I wrong?

So I thought, so I thought. I must say, even I was surprised to hear that Gerolt succeeded in recreating a Zodiac Brave's arm─and amazed to learn the weapon concealed yet another secret!

Now, of all my wares, “mahatma” should serve best to bring that secret to light. I have twelve types all told, each the shard of a soul with a distinct sense contained within.

I cannot say if it will be what Gerolt was expecting, but attaching them to your weapon in careful order should do...something. As one who once sweated over the anvil, I am intrigued to see what.

The merchant in me, however, cannot give mahatma away for free. My price is <SheetEn(Item,3, 28,2,1)/>. Rowena will nevermore be mine, but I would still aid her with these where I can.

Ah, and you needn't worry about me. I may deal from the shadows, but I dislike shadowy dealings. When you are ready to purchase mahatma, simply say the word─and produce the Allagan tomestones, of course.
Quest Completed
Completing certain activities with mahatma affixed to your Zodiac Weapon will generate soul resonance. As this increases, the soul within your arm will begin to awake.

By using the Zodiac glass, it is possible to visually verify your progress with each variety of mahatma.

If you misplace your Zodiac glass, you may obtain a replacement by speaking with Drake at Hyrstmill.

Once you have used all twelve varieties of mahatma and increased the soul resonance to the point of awakening, return to Jalzahn.

Paladins only need to affix mahatma to Excalibur.

Increasing the soul resonance of Excalibur to maximum will have the same effect on the Aegis Shield.
Weren't ye off to Swiftperch? Hurry an' get that bottle out o' me sight! 'Tis hard enough that it's goin' to Remon─ye don't need to parade it around in front o' me, too!
Edit Rise and Shine's Dialogue

This walkthrough was originally written during Patch 2.51. The values in-game (total resonance needed and amount received per activity) have been drastically reduced since Heavensward's release. The information below is left in its original form for archival purposes, with the exception of the values that were changed (the numbers) are in italics to attempt to show that what's listed here might be different from in-game. Players wishing to complete this quest can still use this walkthrough as an outline, but are asked to remember that the exact numbers have been changed drastically so one should not need to plan an entire day around completing this step.
Completing one normal dungeon with the 'bonus' amount of resonance is enough to complete 1 Mahatma, 3 lvl50 EX Trials is enough too (without a bonus).
  • Paladins only need to affix mahatma to Excalibur. Increasing the soul resonance of Excalibur to maximum will have the same effect on the Aegis Shield.

After completing Rise and Shine, you will need to acquire soul resonance from completing certain activities with mahatma affixed to your Zodiac Weapon.

If this is not your first Zodiac weapon then you will not need to complete this quest. You can proceed directly to Remon in Swiftperch to begin the mahatma stage.

Each mahatma costs 50 Poetics from Remon in Swiftperch, and only one mahatma can be attached at a time.

You will need 500 soul resonance to complete each mahatma. Upon completing certain activities, you will get a notice about how much soul resonance was obtained (for example, "Your Zodiac Weapon pulses gently with a sense of assertion.")

Feeble: 50 soul resonance
Faint: 100 soul resonance
Gentle: 200 soul resonance
Steady: 300 soul resonance
Forceful: 600 soul resonance
Nigh Sings: 800 soul resonance

By using Zodiac Glass item obtained from the Mmmmmm, Soulglazed Relics quest, you can check on the total soul resonance glazed onto your weapon. If you misplaced your Zodiac glass, you may obtain a replacement by speaking with Drake at Hyrstmill.

As you progress in tiers, the weapon image will change by increasing in soul resonance.

No Sense: 0 - 49
Indistinct Sense: 50-99
Faint Sense: 100-149
Slight Sense: 150-199
Modest Sense: 200-249
Distinct Sense: 250-299
Robust Sense: 300-349
Vigorous Sense: 350-399
Intense Sense: 400-449
Extreme Sense: 450-499
Full Soul Resonance: 500+ (Complete) (Updated on 14/03/2021)

Soul resonance is collected by participating in a fate, dungeon, raid, pvp, or trial. Each event produces a base amount of soul resonance and can receive a bonus to increase the amount of soul resonance produced. Soul resonance production bonuses last for a two hour window. Not all events will receive a soul resonance production bonus during this time. At the end of the window, event bonuses will change. All events that are started during this window will receive the bonus upon completion, even if completion occurs after the change in windows. Windows and bonuses are the same across all servers.

Soul Resonance Values By Event:

  • FATE | Base: Feeble | Bonus: None
  • Wolves Den | Base: Feeble | Bonus: Faint
  • Map (Alexandrite) | Base: Faint | Bonus: None
  • Bilding Coil Turn 2, 4 | Base: Faint | Bonus: Gentle
  • Primal (HM) | Base: Faint | Bonus: Gentle
  • Primal (EX) | Base: Gentle | Bonus: Steady
  • Binding Coil Turn 1, 5 | Base: Gentle | Bonus: Steady
  • Second Coil | Base: Gentle | Bonus: None
  • Any ARR Levelling Dungeon | Base: Steady | Bonus: Forceful
  • Any ARR Lv50 Dungeon | Base: Gentle | Bonus: Steady
  • Frontlines | Base: Steady | Bonus: Forceful
  • Labyrinth of the Ancients | Base: Gentle | Bonus: Steady
  • Syrcus Tower | Base: Forceful | Bonus: Nigh Sings
  • World of Darkness | Base: Forceful | Bonus: Nigh Sings

(Updated on 14/03/2021)

Once you have obtained 500 soul resonance, return to Remon and obtain a new mahatma.

Once you have used all twelve varieties of mahatma and increased the soul resonance to the point of awakening, return to Jalzahn.

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