Royal Servant (2021)

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  Hyur / Highlander / Male

Zone(s): Seasonalachievementicon.pngUl'dah - Steps of Nald - Ruby Road Exchange  (10-9)

Good day to you, adventurer. Have you any questions regarding the history of Little Ladies' Day, I am at your service.

What is Little Ladies' Day?
Once a year, when the peach blossoms come to bloom, Eorzea celebrates all the lovely and spirited young maidens who bring such joy to our realm.

The origins of the holiday can be traced back to events that happened some three centuries past, when the Thorne Dynasty still reigned in Ul'dah.

The plucky princess Edvya, tired of being sequestered within palace walls by her overprotective father─the sultan Baldric Thorne─exchanged garb with a miller girl and wandered off into town in search of adventure.

Upon learning of his daughter's disappearance, the sultan was stricken with panic. He summoned the palace guard─down to the last man─and ordered them to tear the city apart to see that no harm befell his precious princess.

...And tear the city apart they did. The poor miller whose daughter assisted the princess in her escape saw his house nigh ripped from the ground, while the family was threatened with imprisonment and worse.

To the good fortune of all, Princess Edvya was soon found just outside the palace walls. When she confessed the true reason that she had run away, her father was racked with guilt for his actions. He had the miller's house rebuilt by his most skilled craftsmen, and offered to personally serve as seneschal to the miller girl for a day to atone for his actions.

The commonfolk were deeply moved by their sultan's newfound compassion. The sultan himself, vowing to never forget the lessons he had learned, declared that each year he would serve as seneschal for a young girl chosen from the townspeople by lot.

The tradition continued long after Sultan Baldric's death, living on even as the Thorne Dynasty gave way to the Ul. In time, it spread to other nations, where it took on new forms, eventually evolving into the Little Ladies' Day celebration that we know and love today.

Who was Princess Edvya?
Princess Edvya was the one and only daughter of Sultan Baldric of House Thorne, the Hyuran noble house that ruled Ul'dah some three hundred years ago to the day.

Her disappearance from the palace, the commotion that followed, and its eventual resolution─oft retold as the "Legend of the Lost Lady"─are said to represent the origins of the celebration we now know as Little Ladies' Day.

It is said that before the events of that day, relations between the spirited princess and her stern, overly protective father were strained at best. Though the father claimed to love his daughter dearly, the form this love took was the stifling sort.

The princess's disappearance and return changed everything. Sultan Baldric gained a newfound respect for his daughter's independent nature, while Princess Edvya realized that her father's treatment of her was born of simple misunderstanding, not lack of love.

The bonds between the two grew only stronger in the months and years to follow, and the two came to be celebrated as the most ideal embodiment of father and daughter that the realm had ever seen.

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