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Sands of Despair

Featurequest1 Icon.pngNew Lv. 73   Sands of Despair

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Lalah Jinjahl: Idyllshire - Freewalks Roundspot (x:6.1, y:5.8)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Idyllshire

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071341.png70Sage's FocusFeaturequest1 Icon.png Sage's Focus (Level 70)

Sage Icon 3.png Sage (Level 73)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Experience Points

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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Lalah Jinjahl is eager to share tidings from the Sharlayan motherland.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
071341.png75A Poisoned GiftFeaturequest1 Icon.png A Poisoned Gift (Level 75)

  • Lalah Jinjahl is eager to share tidings from the Sharlayan motherland.
  • In eager tones, Lalah informs you that the analysis of the mystery plant is complete. It has been determined to be muscmaloi, a variety of herb that possesses potent aether-fortifying properties, owing to which its cultivation is outlawed. Having been thwarted from obtaining it at the arboretum, the fugitives will likely seek other means of procurement, and Lalah has identified an apothecary at Lost Hope as a source for the herb. On your way to find this individual, you next make for Black Brush Station in central Thanalan.
  • No sooner do you arrive at Black Brush Station than you meet with a distressed woman who fits the description of the apothecary. She breathlessly explains that three strangers have suddenly set upon a customer of hers, and you and Lalah rush to Lost Hope and the man's aid.
  • True to your suspicions, the strangers are your fugitives─but who should the customer at their mercy be but Faldrinet. You force your way between the healer and his assailants, and a standoff ensues. After a tense exchange, Loifa uses his power to enhance an antling, but provoked to anger by Faldrinet, Mahaud and Ancel suddenly fall to their knees in pain. Though it is not immediately clear what is happening to them, your priority is to deal with the fell beast, which Faldrinet has lured away.
  • You catch up to the beast and put it down before it can cause harm. The deed done, you turn to assist Faldrinet.
  • Thanks to your ministrations, Faldrinet is soon back on his feet, and together you return to the scene of the confrontation with Loifa.
  • You find Mahaud and Ancel still suffering from their mysterious ailment. Observing their symptoms prompts Lalah to recall rumors of a forbidden procedure said to have been conducted by a Sharlayan healer years ago─rumors that were summarily dismissed by the Forum. Nevertheless, the fugitives' plight gives her cause to wonder...but Loifa offers no confirmation and simply mocks her naivety. Again they make to teleport away, but ere they do so, the apothecary hesitantly steps forward, having recognized Mahaud and Ancel as her children...
  • The confrontation thus concluded, the apothecary recounts her tale. Mahaud and Ancel are her adopted children, she explains, and when they were both gravely ill, a Sharlayan healer by the name of Guildivain appeared and offered to cure them. The man took them away, and she had not seen them for years...until they seemingly came for Faldrinet.
  • After Faldrinet takes his leave, the apothecary reveals that it was him rather than the fugitives who sought to purchase her muscmaloi. She also tells you about a merchant in Aleport from whom Faldrinet procures rare alchemical ingredients. The plot duly thickened, Lalah suggests returning to Idyllshire to ponder recent revelations.
  • Lalah confesses her confusion at recent developments, which seems to contradict her assumptions. The rumors of a renegade sage conducting depraved experiments are of particular concern, for the nature of the fugitives suggests there may be a kernel of truth to them─yet the Forum was nevertheless adamant in their denial. While she attempts to make sense of everything, you resolve to spend your time fruitfully by further honing your skills.
※The next sage quest will be available from Lalah Jinjahl upon reaching level 75.

Wonderful timing, Forename! Remember that mystery plant I sent to Sharlayan for analysis? I received the results not long ago.

It was muscmaloi, a herb that possesses potent aether-fortifying properties. Owing to its effect, its cultivation was outlawed some years ago.

'Tis most certainly why the fugitives came to Eorzea. Unable to obtain the herb in Sharlayan, they decided to procure it from the arboretum.

They likely intend to use it in conjunction with the soul crystal to further enhance themselves. Though their motives are still a mystery, the fact remains that they have already caused harm and will continue to do so until they are brought to justice.

Now, as they failed to obtain muscmaloi here, they will need to look elsewhere. And I'm pleased to say that my informer has helped me to identify an apothecary who deals in the herb─and whom I suspect our quarry will seek out.

This individual is a resident of Lost Hope in central Thanalan, and that is where we shall next take ourselves.

Mark my words, they won't escape this time! I'll suffer them to misuse the sage's noble art no longer, and much less with that soul crystal!

...Ahem. If we are to catch the fugitives, we had best hurry. That said, we should take a moment to regroup and prepare at Black Brush Station before heading on to Lost Hope.
Quest Accepted

Good gods, such a dry and dusty place this is... What I wouldn't give for a bath right now...

Uwaaah! H-How long have you been here!?

...I-I mean, 'tis well you are here. Ahem. I've already replenished my supplies, so if you are ready, we may begin looking for the apothecary at once. A Hyuran woman whose facial tattoo should mark her out...

The fugitives are like to be searching for her too. We must find her before they─ ...Hm?

That woman yonder fits the description...but something appears to be amiss. Let us investigate.
Help me! Please!
What ails you, madam?
I was dealing with a customer when a group of bandits attacked us! I managed to flee, but he's still at their mercy!
Worry not, we'll help you. Pray lead the way!
Thank you!
It could only be them!
It's indeed them... But wait─is that Master Faldrinet!?
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
They're over there...
Deal with the beast! Don't worry about me!'s not possible...

Whew, thank you, my friend...and well fought! I daresay you're a born sage. Fascinating...

But come, we should return to the others. The villains may not remain stricken for long.
Deal with the beast! Don't worry about me!'s not possible...

Their condition is unchanged. We should probably take advantage of this and apprehend them...

But this symptom...
Ungh... Arrrgh!
Hold on. I'm getting us out of here.
<pant> We're fine, Loifa...
No, you're not, and you know it!

It's the enhancement, isn't it? I know something of the procedure. Of its potency...and the harm it causes.

There's a limit to the amount of corporeal aether a living being can harbor. As we grow up, it waxes; as we grow old, it wanes.

A gradual, gentle process, if allowed to function in the natural fashion...

But complications may arise when one forcibly fortifies that aether─as a rogue “healer” was rumored to have been doing with live subjects some years ago.

The man used an unproven procedure on countless souls─a forbidden procedure, known only to a select few sages.
And though he succeeded in a few instances, those subjects suffered from debilitating side effects... But those rumors were denounced by the Forum as baseless. And yet...
Hmph. You'll believe anything they tell you, won't you? Naive fools...
Can you stand?

Wait. Please.

It's really you, isn't it? Mahaud... Ancel...
Oh dear, it seems they are still under the weather.
Will they be all right...?
I had the perfect chance to apprehend the fugitives. To complete my mission. But I couldn't...
It seems you know them─the ones called Mahaud and Ancel.

Of course. They're my adopted children.

They were orphaned at a young age, and I took them in and raised them as my own. Though none of us were related by blood, we became as close a family as any.

Ours was a quiet, comfortable life. But then one day Mahaud fell sick. She had a raging fever, and grew weaker with every passing moment... Aetherspurn, the illness is called.
I've read about it─a rare disease wherein the body becomes unable to draw aether from food. There is no known cure, only palliative care.

Our troubles didn't end there. Even as we were struggling to look after Mahaud, a fell beast attacked our settlement

Ancel tried to protect his sister and was badly hurt. The chirurgeon said that he would be bedridden for the rest of his days.

I didn't know what to do. Without the coin to care for them, I... My mind went to dark places. I began thinking of how I might spare them the pain. Spare us all.

It was in that state that he found me. A kindly traveler.
...A healer?

Yes. He offered to help Mahaud and Ancel and refused what little payment I tried to give. But he also said that their condition demanded special care and facilities. It would take years, many years. Desperate as I was, I accepted without hesitation. And so he left with my children...

It was hard not knowing what became of them. Wondering if I had made the right choice. But I clung to the hope that one day we would be reunited...and we were! We were... Oh, to finally see them again is...I haven't the words for it. And it matters not that they've changed.
The healer... What was his name?
Guildivain, he called himself. A healer of some renown in his native Sharlayan, I believe.

A truly touching tale! Where there is life, there is hope─would you not agree?

Now then, if I am no longer needed here, I shall return to making my rounds.

Till next time, my aspiring sage.
'Tis plain they are confused. I pity them.
Mahaud... Ancel...
I believe the danger is passed, but for good measure, I will ask the Immortal Flames to keep an eye on the area.
We're in your debt.
Now, if you do not mind telling me, was this your first time meeting Master Faldrinet?

Oh, no. He's a regular of mine, introduced by an acquaintance. And when he comes, he always takes a moment to treat those who are unwell.

To have so many kindly healers, Sharlayan must be a wonderful place indeed.
...And who is this acquaintance of yours, if I may ask?
A merchant in Aleport. Master Faldrinet buys alchemical ingredients from him─rare items sourced directly from Thavnair.
I see... Out of curiosity, what did Master Faldrinet buy from you this time?

Oh, just the usual─a few sprigs of muscmaloi. He was actually the one who told me where to get the herb. Says it's used to treat certain serious illnesses.

Well, if you'll excuse me, I must be returning to my stall. I don't know when, but I know my children will return, and I must work hard if I'm to give us better lives.


Let us return to Idyllshire for now. Recent events have given me much to ponder...
I didn't have the chance to speak with Mahaud and Ancel properly, but whatever they've gotten involved with, I hope they will be all right...

Forename... Ashamed though I am to admit this, I'm no longer certain of the truth...

It wasn't Loifa and his accomplices who sought muscmaloi, but Master Faldrinet.

No, what the fugitives want is Master Faldrinet himself.

Clearly they bear a grievance against him...

If those despicable rumors were true, and one of ours was actually... But the Forum was adamant in their denial, and they surely wouldn't...

Ahhh, my mind is running amok... Forgive me, but I need a moment to rein in my thoughts.
Quest Completed
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