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Sanguine Sirens

Organizations Icon.pngSanguine Sirens
An almost entirely female crew, the Sanguine Sirens were born of defiance: some thirty summers past, four women set out to make their fortune within a pirate society controlled by their male counterparts. These, the first Sirens, served aboard another crew's vessel during the early years, earning a share of the plunder as sellswords during raids. Their numbers and wealth grew, and in time they acquired a ship of their own: the Lady Infernal. Their rapid ascent to the last of Limsa's three great pirate powers thereafter was, in a word, masterful.

At present, however, the crew is said to have languished under Rhoswen, the third Captain of the Sirens. One explanation for this is their tactics: the crew made a name for themselves reaving in coastal waters with swift ships. As such, they may have suffered for a lack of prey sailing through the nearby seas.

The Missing Member was built by the Sirens to serve members of the crew who had come into port. It is now open to everyone, including townsfolk and adventurers.
Members: A'brohka, O'kalkaya, Rhoswen, Sanguine Sirens Steerswoman
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