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Saved the Nests for Last

Map64 Icon.png Lv. 50   Saved the Nests for Last    15m

Zone: The Sea of Clouds - Cloudtop  (20-32)
The belly of a gastornis is filled with one of the most powerful corrosives known to man, allowing the massive cloudkin to digest almost anything from bones and hair, to crystal and rock. This digestive process produces toxic fumes which are released as the gastornis breathes, making them deadly neighbors...
Experience Gil Seals
Expicon.png6,318 Gil Icon.png100 Flame Seal Icon.png287

World: Hydaelyn
Landmass: Aldenard
Region: Abalathia's Spine
Zone: The Sea of Clouds
Area: Cloudtop
Coordinates: 20-32
Level: 50
Type: Slay Enemies
Changes Status: Starts One Turned Over the Cloudkin's Nest upon completion.
Fate Chain: 1/2