Sea of Clouds - Sector 01

Airship XP Icon.pngSea of Clouds - Sector 01
Airship Deployment Sector
Possible Rewards
Item Quantity
Vivianite Icon.png Vivianite 17-59
Bamboo Weave Icon.png Bamboo Weave 3-11
Ferberite Icon.png Ferberite 1-22
Battledance Materia III Icon.png Battledance Materia III 10
Fire Crystal Icon.png Fire Crystal 34-35
Lightning Crystal Icon.png Lightning Crystal 20-40
Wind Crystal Icon.png Wind Crystal 34-39
Magnanimous Mogcrown Icon.png Magnanimous Mogcrown 1
Potters Stone Icon.png Potters Stone 1
Required Rank: 1
Ceruleum Cost: 1
EXP: 7,416